so I ask Dear child, what is it you lust for?

I yearn for surrender, it is the only true act of self-defiance man has invented

The road is long but the paths leading up to it are unpredictable and I cannot bear to face it alone.

so tell me, dear child, what is your big secret?

The unquenchable desire to swim upstream against the currents

the resilient spirit to forge into the unknown.  A voice  to find

Perhaps, you’re an over-achiever, do what it is that pleases you then.

dark as the pleasures of the soul may be, reward yourself  by any means possible

Maybe, I am. Most probably, I am not.

At least, I can afford to take a step back and look at the big picture

yes, at least I can give in to the ebbs that Neptune has cursed me with,

his uncanny gift of illusion

Alas, My escape. My fortress

Dear child and I hope you think of me the way I’m thinking about you.


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