I close the tab.That was an entertaining show, strange how subjective entertainment has become.I look at the time .23:41. “oooh” I exclaimed, it’s been a strenuous day and I am fatigued. I best be heading to bed soon


My night rituals are quite short. I drink a tall glass of water.moisturize and wrap my hair and then take a stroll to the bathroom one final time before I slither into bed.

Pure black nothing.silence

It must have been half an hour later when I felt her stealthy gaze upon me.I force my eyes open.There she was standing at the doorway with a smirk on her lips.She wore a violet top that complimented her bronze ebony skin—Violet, I love that colour

Well well…aren’t you gonna invite me in? offer me juice and chips?

I glance back at my dimmed device 00:24. I sighed aloud

Wow, tough crowd, she mumbled thumbing  hard onto my bed you really do not want to be disturbed

I get up and pour a glass of merlot.extending my wrist in front of her torso.Sorry, no juice.

Why do you always have to be like this

like how?

like it’s your way or no way deal

cut the crap, I’m mean.I dunno how.I can’t pinpoint why but I am.The world will just have to forgive me and get over it but I gotta get to bed soon so you best speak up.what’s really on your mind?

I dunno. everything.nothing

like what?

like for example, how do you meet people?

well, that’s awfully vague.walk out the door.smile and be polite to strangers

but how do you determine who could matter to you?

“I find out their date of birth”.I splurred

she was taken aback. “expatiate on this?”

“truth hour. I’m kinda an astrology fan and it’s just easier and less turmoil to know whom you’re compatible with and whom you’re not. It takes the stress outta trying to understand the complex nature of a perfect stranger”

and that works for you?

“what about you”. I shrug. “how do you meet people”

“I make profound chatter at events like regular people“she shot back

point noted, are we done here?

Not exactly.

ok but it’s my turn. close your eyes I say

she complied

“what do you see?”


I closed mine. “I see two lion heads glazed by the early morning sunrise and birds chirping right outside of my curtains and it’s breathtaking.I see greatness transcribing into every form”

That’s quite an imagination you have she noted then takes a sip from her glass.Still side eyeing me, she starts, “who would you say is the greatest individual to ever walk the earth?

 “Einstein, I guess Marie curie, Josephine Baker”. I shrugged “...I love all these people”

staring unblinkingly at me, her voice nearly as still as the night. “Define greatness”

“I guess when most people think about that, they think about individuals that have gone above and beyond and have done spectacular things”

“Isn’t that what you think too?”

I pause.”I suppose for me a great man is an underdog who strived against all odds to attain his dreams, shows strength and resilience even in the roughest of times”

so whom would you acknowledge as the great man

“My dad coz he is dad”. “Sarah Baartman because she followed her dreams of coming to the “white man’s land despite knowing that she would be discriminated against for her race and Albert Speer, the reformed Nazi minister who till date is the only one who owned up to his role in the crimes against humanity.

“You’re serious? she exclaims. Almost everything that comes out your mouth stuns me.A bloody reformed nazi?”

He’s the best example of imminent change

she smiles. “as if the world isn’t complex enough without you in it” she said getting up.then turns.”I must be scurrying along now”

I glance at the device 5:13 pm. “I need to sleep soon”

she bends forward and kisses my cheeks, whispering ever so softly into my ears.”Alex, you never woke up” then she walks to the door and announces more rather sternly” and come morning, you won’t remember any part of this conversation

Wait! I yelled, “will I see you again?”

Au Revoir lover of science magic and wonder.May your dreams take you far

“you’re a tease”  are the last words from my lips

And then I awoke…

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