Yellow Roses

Green pastures roll by for several minutes and then there was desert land.

I plastered my eyes to the minut window, not staring at anything in particular.

All I could note was the abrupt transition from abundance to famine.

“Ma’am, could you put on your seatbelt, please?”

I rotated my head; lengthening my neck to get the pudgy middle-aged man in full view.

I complied.

ticket, please?

I reached inside my favorite tonic-black jacket, slowly pulling out a paper and extended my arm towards him.

His eyes fixated on it for a few seconds. “Thank you” he said, handing it back.

As he motions to leave. “Excuse me” I said shyly ” How long is this bus ride?”

“Where u headed?” he asks.

“Amphetamine city”


He glances down his wrist. “about 3 more hours from now” walking away

I sighed heavily, Propping my back against the rails of my seat

I peered out the window again; now it was a corn field. Acres, acres, and acres of corn.

Time seemed to churn slowly, slower than a store clerk stacking cans of Campbell chicken noodle soup at Walmart.Seemingly delighted at how despondent and nonchalant we seemed to be.

Earphones In.A tablet in her hands. The girl adjacent to me was fidgeting aloud on her device; completely transfixed solely on becoming the next candy crush champion.

yea, I know what it means to be possessive of a thing. A relic, and not being able to give it up.After all, that was I was sitting here; on this humid godforsaken Friday evening yearning to alight soonest at the last stop.

There was something about that place—— or someone that hypnotized me.

“This diary is my kief, hashish and opium pipe. This is my drug and my vice.” ― Anaïs Nin

The repeated honking by the driver jolted me back to reality.’

Earphones in, eyes shut. The herculean brawn behind leaned back.cushioning his neck on the headrest. sweat beading on his forehead.His blonde mane seemed to highlight his freckled chin and highly tanned skin

“Damn”, I imagined, a wave of stale wind drove into my face; ” a bottle of India pale ale would have been quite handy at this point of the voyage”.Rooky mistake.

From my peripheral vision, I noted the gorgeous lean lady with the “Audrey Hepburn” neck. Hair braided back with a few perfectly scattered on her neck.She was undoubtedly entertained by the elderly woman beside her with velvety blue eyes. The latter was seemingly excited; her pupils dilated; perhaps that’s was why she was chatty; Perhaps a listening ear was all she needed to offload her heart’s burden.

Our need to drown time in unique ways captivated me to weave this tapestry.It was their need to spend time that compelled the way I spent mine. It’s been about 50 minutes journey left and I’m still sitting here.legs crossed.scribbling this.  Acres of land, Green pastures, velvety blue eyes disperses slowly with clouds tumbling in.

I look onwards to the horizon, anticipating the sunset dawning on us and right then, I caught a glimpse of yellow roses sprouting from dust beneath my feet.

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