It not that She resents him; She just simply couldn’t manage her heart. Although the thoughts of his presence romances her brain every other nanosecond.A soft breeze blows delicate musky scents of his pheromone onto her sinuses.Eager, willing to give over here entire being.

If only he’d ask.

If only she had second chances to spare

But when she walks down this path, She notices that he was strutting down the opposite side of the street, the other way.

“I don’t know you anymore”.

Not until all the nothingness sums up to something, something submerged dangerously in lust.not until we see what the night has to offer.She restrains herself, shutting out his well-framed silhouette from her amygdala.Looking the other way while wishfully hoping he was analyzing her with those somewhat blue somewhat hazel eyes, pretending those shots of dopamine that flow turbulently through her veins, overpowering her being are mere abdominal upsets, pretending that when he curb her face in his palms and perched on her forehead, She wasn’t entirely invigorated; She pretends that she didn’t quite hear when he asked;


Into the night, she forged on in this cold stale winter night.Maybe this is a mistake, what’s that phrase again? “Once a fool; always a fool”.Maybe she should head back home, but home seems far away; a train-trail away. She wondered if the affection in her heart would for once mold into words that may drip out of her lip.She was going because, If not for anything; she deserved closure.

From afar, his masculinity comes into full view, his signature strut across the street.a broad grin stretched across his face and a bouquet of irises clutched in his left hand.

The mundane vintage vibes of La Frei cafe, was somehow in sync with the atmosphere of their souls.Al greens, “sha la la”,  spun vinyl record player. They vibed along to the melodious rhythm of the 70’s as they chatted away. Although she was avoiding eye contact; She wasn’t scared. Hell, she didn’t know why she’d been conscious after all. Maybe it was the excess of dopamine. maybe it was the dopamine that softened her loins with desire. maybe it was the dopamine that gave her the courage to blurt out the burden in her soul;

“Take me home”.

She fidgeted with the key until the door clicked open and let him in behind him, Once they were inside, she excused herself to use the toilet .she’d have him one last time at least for old time’s sake, for all the pain she’d bore.It took her several minutes to come out.Only this time, she had her pantyhose and studded bra top.His eyes fixated on her being, She was probably gonna recount this moment for the rest of her life, what he did next was going to resonate in her psyche for as long as she lived.

He ran his fingers delicately caressing her lower back. Damn, he’d seen her a thousand time but never like this.Clasping her face in his hands, he plants his firm lips on the nape of her neck as his warm controlled breath exhales on her skin. She grips his flank, stroking it as she bites her lips. she hauls him onto her sofa and nibbles on his auricle.Exploring her own sensuality.

He lowered his head past her neck settling on her chest pushing the bra top off and mouthing her nipples, she moaned softly. Delighted at how aphrodisiacal she felt. He continues downwards towards her stomach and then rested his head between her thighs.She sensed that this wasn’t foreign to him. She was wondering if the person he’d been with since she felt the way she did.Placing one hand at the base of his skull, she pulled him gently towards her, arching her lower back.He raises his head up as she tore off his shirt exposing his broad chest.He flipped her over cupping her soft buttocks then balances his weight on his wrists as she arched her hips against his. Each stroke raw, and adulterated.

From dusk till dawn.The sound of sea wave crashes upon rocks by the bayside. Their legs entwined with each other under the covers.She wonders if this was the first of many nights.He had no intentions of telling her now that he’d be leaving town. Leaving to find a better life elsewhere so he scribbled a note on a sticky pad before he vanished. When she arose, The sticky note was the first thing she finds attached to the pillow opposite her and although it’s content was brief, she must have read it a hundred times as tears clumped up in her eyes and trickled freely to her chin. Her throat swelled up.She walks to the window and curses the sea. It read;

“Wait for me. Micheal”.

She had given up the epitome of her youth.Her once radiant spirit was now fading. She didn’t know how long he’ll be gone; she didn’t want to.She’d let him get to her again and again…like in the tale of the reckless lovers.


memiors 3


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