The souls of mortal men are captivated by her eyes, listen to this folklore dancing out of my flute.It Eliminates their fears, infusing them with undaunting boldness; Perhaps this is why her warriors were the most impregnatable. They’d tear down empires and turn mighty emperors into quiverers on their knees, bowing before her as she conquered their throne with a smile beaming across her face.

Her bronzed skin gleamed on the days Ra gifted the sun on her soil. A dozen maidens wait on her by the lake, which overflows with honey milk water.Tales of how she eliminates doubts and infuses her subjects with admiration are told til this day.


A bit sultry, but without a doubt the fairest maiden to behold within and beyond Africa. Her praises sung by admirers, young and old alike, She was detested by wives and bachelorettes alike; but this only escalates her fame.Suitors queue up in awe at her marvelous beauty; so she struts down her palace stairways, stepping on amethyst slab carved from Mount Olympus in a fiery furnace.She swivels her violet satin robe embroidered with gold before her spectators as she halts two-third of the spiral stairs.


Lords and Monarchs of neighboring kingdoms far and wide were here to behold the immaculate; yet lustrous jewel in Egypt.She has influences beyond the outskirt of her territory.Her alliances are these Knights and Emperors in her courtyard.She was considered dangerous; not because of her features, but because she knew how to use it to attain what she yearned for the most. More power.


try again
Photo Credit: Deviantart



Diamonds were embedded in her crown.Her pride larger than her dynasty, She strides casually across the room with that smirk on her lips.She already knows she is the most indispensable in the room; yet just for the sake of pure lust, she dissembles her robes…taking her time to reveal inches of herself until there’s nothing left but the diamond on top her headdress.She pauses in front of Ceaser.

she acknowledges him, bowing slowly then proceeds to take steps towards him.She halts, her nipples less than half an inch from grazing his heavy artillery; then whispers;

“I know your deepest lusts, but I need my soul.”

She escorts him into her hidden chambers.Golden drapes dangle from her king-sized bed with silk sheets.The most intimate transaction in history was made on that day.A treaty forged with the most powerful kingdom on earth for a taste of a  pure-blood.




Many moons would come and go until the birth of her son; who brought hope for a long-term bilateral agreement.However, the assassination of Julius Caeser rendered their partnership redundant.

Her precious kingdom was under siege.

In the last days of Cleopatra, She grew weary and fatigued, her flawless skin started to blemish…Certainly, she had mastered the act of espionage; but her stubbornness would either boost or destroy her and when news arrived of Mark Anthony’s suicide, it crushed her will, ultimately lead to her downfall.

An egocentric Empress announced; I’d rather fall before any man summons the audacity to claim my precious dynasty.

With her handmaidens in her presence, circling around her, each reflecting upon their own fate.Chloé sat poised, decorated with her ceremonial chiffon robes and bedazzled sandals, her gold jewelleries glimmering.

“How do I look?”

Her handmaiden adjusted her headdress

“Majestic; Like the King Of Queens.”

She smiles as her servants place a basket on her thighs; unsealing the lid to reveal asps. The Cobras slithered up from her thigh; making their way through her skin, ultimately spitting their venom into her arm.A salty tear trickled down her ebony skin as she muttered inaudible prayers to Horus.

At long last, her remains and that of her two maidens were recovered from her palace.Rome had won, the war was over.The last Queen of  Egypt had been dethroned.

sunset on cloe

The night is silent and heads hung at dawn, meditating deeply on the symbol of pure vanity, she was Cleopatra, the siren of the Nile.




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