Lightning illuminates the skies, flashing a warning before his vaunt accomplice rolls through. I was standing four feets away from the balcony. It’s 9 am in the morning but the sun won’t be shining anytime soon. It was the kind of day you’d want to be nursing a grand mug of rooibos tea during the few hours you’re not snoozing.I took a drag off the cigarette between my fingers.Most times, I hated the rain; other times I simply didn’t mind, especially watching the rain drops trickle patiently on the railings of my balcony. I pressed the stub of the cigarette onto the rails, twisting vigorously.

The clouds have already closed in, street but I could still see the precinct at the north side of the balcony on St. Julian Street. It held the best record in the county with 98% criminal case resolved and documented. I would know because I worked there. The commandant, Thames allocated to all his best deputies a 6% raise….I’d be even prouder if I got a promotion.

I stood there for about a minute, inhaling the aroma of damp soil after months of desert ground linger through the cold air, savoring the blessings of nature in spring, but then, beep beep beep, I was interrupted by the pager. My hands naturally tuck at my flanks. Nothing there. I slid through the door, stepping into my 48 square meter apartment. It wasn’t much, I took it solely because of the view stretching towards the ocean.

beeping continues

I dash to my bedroom, disarranging the covers, it wasn’t there either. I straightened my hips and flashed a gaze in every direction and there it was, resting on the breakfast table, I march briskly over there.

“Deputy Alex, talk to me ” I gushed into a two-way radio. “Alexander, you are wanted in Sergeant Benson’s office”, It was the new dispatcher Tammy;”what’s the case?”, “I dunno, that was all the intel I was given”,

“I’ll be at there in 30 mins”.

The radio went dead as I unhang my blazer, hurrying to the door. Well,  I heaved, so much for Netflix and rooibos tea, I thought as I slammed it shut.

Stepping into the rain, I knew  I had to walk; but I hated using an umbrella. It had to with the commitment of carrying the damn thing around all day, making sure not to misplace it at any point of your journey….same idea behind taking care of a baby if you really think about it; that’s why I was drenched with water… this was the part of the rain that I hated.  I sighed deeply. Tammy was cool, even though she’d been with us for barely four weeks, word got around at the station so although I never met her, I knew that she was Columbian, pretty and had a voice that sounded like a radio personnel.

About 50 meters into my long ass walk, I was interrupted by the tooting of a car horn, on the opposite lane of the street was a white Suzuki, I smirked, crossed the street and let myself into the vehicle.

“Stalking me again?”I inquired

“Don’t flatter yourself”,  he said ” mother of god! you’re dripping on my car seat, where’s your umbrella?”.

My smirk blossomed slowly into a half smile, This is my partner, Daniel, he means well most of the time but unfortunately, not a lot of guys at the precinct see it. “Benson wants me at his office”, I say

“me too”, he retorts and revved the car engine “let’s go”.





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