We arrived at the precinct; me slightly damp and deputy Daniel looking sharp as ever. Each day when he entered the office, he’d announce his presence with routine banters. “Aye Pablo, how’s the Mrs?’ ‘ Barki, taken your cat to the vet yet?’ “Melissa, oh gorgeous Mellissa, have coffee with me sometime, no?”. He’d shake hands and make jokes while I stayed ghosting, if we have a discreet têtê-à-têtê this week, that’s good, If not, there’s always next week. “hey Danny, Alex; Sarge is looking for both of you” Barki announced.

We double timed towards the Sarge’s office but as he started reaching for the door, I propped my back against it. “Danny, look at me”  I demanded with a mask face, he peered “no making dirty comments, no random curiosity; In fact, no goofiness in front of the Sarge, aii? he nodded rather mockingly. We stepped into the spacious chamber, the interior design was impeccable with a huge portrait of him suspended from the wall.  He’d often told us tidbits of his life as a Lieutenant Colonel in Baghdad. “Right on time, take a seat Deputies” he smiled coyly. We strutted stilly and sat adjacent each other “coffee, water?” he added ” macchiato for me, thank you”said Danny ,the Sarge motions at me “hot choco” I mutter “if it’s not too  much trouble”,  “nonsense” he bellowed  as the machine was brewing the latter “my wife fancies cocos too; it’s her Achille’s heel so to speak,  she has at least 3 times every other day”, he said as he delivered the cup wth a sachet of brown sugar, “I’m more of  a lager guy”.

Settling into his seat, he starts “I called you two in here because this case requires the utmost discretion, a personal belonging of my darling Edit has been taken”, I supped greedily, seemingly more interested in the mug than in the Sarge’s predicament. “Are you sure it wasn’t just misplaced? askes Danny ” No Deputy, I can assure you, she hadn’t used it for months and keeps it in a drawer in her walk in closet, however, It seemed to have vanished without a trace quiet recently”  he continued. “What is it?” I inquire, too impatient to be kept in the dark.

He hunches over, eyes darting between me and Danny and in a near whisper said: “It’s her gloves”. I was stunned, mute, calculating in my head how or why this even needed special attention. Danny’s face was flushed, I could tell there were a thousand and one funny comments he wanted to make concerning this but when his lips parted, this came out: “Sir, can we have the deeds”

“Ofcourse”, heaved Benson  “the gloves were bought at a flea market”

“Why would anyone want to steal a 6.95 euro item?” I registered

“Same thing I asked myself” he continued, there was a break in at my residence at 23.10 while my family and I were at the midsummer’s banquet”, he paused, reading our faces “the only thing missing were those gloves”.

After our dismissal from the Sarge office, thankfully right before Danny bursts out into a frivolous laugh. I let him finish,  Lord knows he tried…after about a full min, he straightens, puts his ray bans on  “Time to deliver justice”, he says with a smirk.

“Wipe that smirk off your face busta, we’ve got a crime to solve”.

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