My Ugly Notebook

This is where I scribble my fascinations. I go to it when I’m terrified, and when I need to confess my truest desires. It rescues me when I fall, yet plunges me into lucid hazes I so fondly wish to not wake up from. It holds onto my hand while coaxing me to look into … More My Ugly Notebook


A lady never pours her own glass, but I do. she strolls gracefully, relishing every step her stilettoes mold in the dirt. So different, from my favorite suede platform boots. Ain’t I a genuine lady? What matters to me and what matters to you are as different as Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, but then … More Indigo

The Banshee

The air that fell upon her face was warm, misty, stimulating her pores to collect sweat. She was in the park that night because It was the only place she could focus. The moon was full, It occupied a vantage point in the skies, a white core, which she thought looked like a pearl encircled … More The Banshee