“What are we gonna do about this?” He shrilled into the landline, “those detectives are asking questions; you told, no assured me that they were worthless, raggy gloves and no one would miss them”.

“Breath easy my friend,”  Roland’s voice was calm, cool, “I am aware of the situation but they have no leads, they’re as close to figuring this out as scientists are to solving the matrix theory”.

“They came to me the other day, inquiring, asking questions, said those gloves were worth a lot; the exact opposite of what you told me when I stuck my life to get them”

“In your own interest, I suggest you keep mute! cos if they find you, the trail leads to me, and we can’t let that happen, can we?” he said sternly

“Of course not,”  Harrison gulped, all the scenarios he played out in his head ended with him either behind bars or six feet under “I will talk to you later”.

“Try not to call at all” the phone beeped, off.  Dirty Harry was panicking, he rubbed his hands on his temples. He would definitely be going back to the penitentiary, unless…unless he could find a way to keep the heat off him, and solely on Puff Ronalds and that had been what he did, and they bought it so maybe, just maybe, there was a way he could wiggle himself free


Danny filed the paper work for a warrant and by midday, it was granted. We retained the right to search Puff Ronalds estate and warehouse. The tires screeched on the hard pavement as we came to a halt, we trooped into the warehouse.We had to, nae, must find something coz having searched his house prior to this, we found nil. Zilch. Zero and Danny was getting a tad agitated. We tore the warehouse up and down.

“C’mon; where is it?” Danny yelled. “Calm down” I assured him. “No, we’re out here looking like fools”. “I think we just missed something,” I started to pace, “something small but crucial”, a flash went off in my head, “you said it before, the guy who stole them, the guy that links Puff Ronalds to the gloves”. Danny blinked “we still don’t know who he is, remember?”

I turned my face towards him”Dirty Harry was way too willing to give up information, don’t you think?” I asked Danny. Danny raised a brow “you think he did it?”. “Only one way to find out,” I said as I stormed out of the cellar.


“Hello, is this detective Alexander?…..  yes, yes about the info you requested” It was Abigail, dirty Harry’s parole officer “… so on  Thursday between 20:50 and 21:20, our monitor confirms that he was indeed at his premises”.  “Thank you, ma’am,” I reciprocated, clicking the disconnect button. I sighed heavily, disappointed more so because I had to look Danny in the eyes and tell him we had no leads. this was de—, I  jumped at the loud thump behind me.            “Al,” Danny seemed anxious, raising his phone to his face “just got a tip off by an anonymous source, Puff Ronalds is auctioning the gloves at midnight”, If we can catch him in the act, we can nail him,”  I looked at his face, probing, “you got an addy?, “3100 west point, acardia,” I smiled, ” lead the way partner”.

The tip was dead on, at 12:08 our officers gained access to the rooftop at west point. It was a  world wide conference, art dealers, mob bosses, and embezzlers from Uganda to Vietnam and representatives were there, but it turned haphazardous quick enough and for the first time; we set our eyes on these oh so precious gloves. It was clean entry and even though Puff  Ronalds tried to make a run for it, he was in our custody five mins later.

Danny heaved, relieved. I patted him on his shoulder.  ” there’s just one thing left to do he said looking out into the distance.”Find the guy who extracted the gloves?”, he gave me a side eye “No, I solved this case, you owe me a drink”. I raised a finger, starting an argument but then I paused, “sure, why not”, I heard myself say instead as we strolled into the night.


Puff Ronalds was behind bars, and the police were no longer asking questions, “I did it”, Harrison thought, he’d manage to keep himself out, but most importantly, his brother, the kid who swiped the gloves. Of course they were not going to link him to the scene because he was at his home on that day, but his brother who had been in the chief of police’s mansion one too many times whilst waiting on their mother had access to Mrs. Benson’s closet, so when Ronalds reached out to him, he’d contacted the lad, had he known about the true value of the gloves, he would have never involved him. To keep the detectives off his back, he placed a call to the station, tipping them off on the auction. You could call it revenge or double cross, but the important thing is, his name was out of the police’s mouth. He poured steaming water onto the tea bag, bringing it to his face, in 14 months, he’d be a free man, he thought, inhaling deeply; but he didn’t know how he hadn’t discovered the goodness of rooibos tea till now.



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