Listen that is the shattering of a tempest soul when it broke, I realised that these wall around me is not distance, they are covert shields encasing me.     Although now, I see I made an erroneous conclusion. The guardian became the prisoner. I banged my fist, vér trickled down my elbow. my shield now … More Listen


Love is when you go along with her outlandish psyche Not because you’re gullible, Because you like how her brown eyes lit up So complacently when she has her way.     Love is a fragrance so subtle and unique It trails you, and it rewards you by revealing its depth to you To love … More Element

Thin Line

There’s a thin line between genius and depression….. Many a night, my mind wanders to these thoughts while I toss and turn around the edge of my bed, fluffing and re-fluffing my pillow and tapping my device in every hour. Perhaps, there is some sort of correlation between owning your truth and the lack of … More Thin Line