that is the shattering

of a tempest soul

when it broke,

I realised

that these wall around me

is not distance,

they are covert shields

encasing me.



Although now,

I see I made an erroneous conclusion.

The guardian became the prisoner.

I banged my fist,

vér trickled down my elbow.

my shield now my prison.


My heart rebleeds

and I tremble.

Not in fear, but anguish.

This bitter taste I cannot

bear to gobble down.


I’ve lost touch with

the world.

Buoyed on an endless river

of silence and nothingness.



only to serve my desires.


only to the sound of the sweeping air.

I’ve tried to claw my way

through dirt and mire

to survive the way I think

I once remembered

but maybe  it is

a memory


by me.


Raindrops on this crusted mineral.


beneath my feet.

If I scream now,

no one will hear

If I scream now,

no words will come out

So I curled up in a dome

my only companion,

the muffled wisps of my breath


can you hear it?





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