Blood splattered onto the tiles at the emergency. Each drip drip that hit the floor created a circular triad, it looked like mickey mouse. It trailed after the man being wheeled on the gurney. His head had been distorted by what could only be caused by a high energy fixed force. His face smashed in, unrecognizable and he was presumably in a comatose state.

The wheels stopped rolling and the two Emergency workers walked up to the Doctor on call, that’s when Henry’s fingers began dithering. It went from twitching to flinching for about forty seconds, then suddenly, his hand slapped his face, his lung filled with air and he began to choke. He coughed and coughed and jerked himself up from the gurney.

He could see the two men in red pants talking to the lady wearing white in front of the nurse’s station. They all nodded in unison and turned in his direction. Overwhelmed, and in a state of frenzy, Henry waved his arms in the air

” Hello, I apologize for the unfortunate cascade of events I may have created. My name is Henry—Hello?”

The paramedics turned back the doctor,  who signed a paper and called some men in blue uniforms, presumably nurses. The men walked towards the gurney and begun wheeling it into a room. The doctor closely behind them.

Henry watched as they transported him to the room. “Hello? are you deaf? or is it I who is deaf? why is no one listening to me?”, they placed him on a cold

“Hello? are you deaf? or is it I who is deaf? why is no one listening to me?”, they placed him on a cold

They placed him on a cold table and 10 mins later, he watched as a circular unit spiraled around him.Then he was wheeled out.

What do you think Dr. Walsh?” the lady Dr. asked her colleague. They were both standing before the computers with Henry’s gurney a little bit to the right, in close proximity. Dr. Wwalsh sighed pointing to the images, “according to the scans, he does not only have multiple contusions on his brain parenchyma and severe edema, but as you see here,” he pointed at the images, “extensive sclerotic lesions are also present, I’m afraid the prognosis for this one is fatal”

Dr. Walsh sighed, “according to the scans, he has not only suffered multiple contusions and edema on his brain parenchyme, but as you see here,” he pointed at the images, “extensive sclerotic lesions are also present, I’m afraid the prognosis for this one is fatal.”

At that moment, Henry had an epiphany about where he was, why he was there and what had happened. His head began to hurt, really really bad… like it was about his explode…

No, this couldn’t be…I couldn’t have….”

He held his temples between his palms, shut his eyes and let out a screech as loud as he could without rupturing his vocal cords. Time seemed to decelerate.

And then his eyes flew open.

He found himself squatting behind the shrubs in his lawn. He stood up, dusting himself. He was trying his best to recollect why he deemed it wise to squat behind the greenery…but his mind was like a black hole. It was mid-day and he’s almost never home at this time, but since he was there,  he figured he might as well get some juice before heading to the office.

He stepped in and was dawned the content of the carton down his throat when he heard a stirring from above him. Whitney would be in school until 3 pm and Vera worked at the power plant company usually till 19.30. The alarms hadn’t gone off so he knew it was less likely to be a burglar, perhaps it was ferret or squirrel, it wasn’t uncommon for these creatures to find their way into the basement and make their way up.

He snapped the fridge shut and trotted up the stairs. He swung the door to the master’s bedroom ajar. It was Vera squiggling under the covers and she was as startled as he was. His eyes darted from her to the form emerging from beneath the duvet. His disbelieve quickly turned into glower at the sight of the woman, naked.  Henry stood at the doorway, his mouth agape like he was entranced.

“I wanted to tell you, honey, It just happened… I was too ashamed….”

A high steady monotonic sound echoing through his inner ear. his eyes snapped open but he was blinded by the fluorescent light. He felt dazed, lucid even. His vision soon focused and he saw the men and women in blue attire and masked faces.

“He’s got a severe bleeding from the middle cerebral artery. He needs an urgent craniotomy… It will take a miracle to save his life.

The surgeon lowered the scalpel to Henry’s face as he let out a yell

“No!—stop, Noooo—.”

He suddenly found himself sitting on a bed in a room, he glanced around to see the bookshelf, the Tv, and the space toys. It was a kid’s room, it was his old room. In his hands was the little astronaut he was so fond of.  This was all too familiar. Too surreal. He dropped the toy and staggered out of his room to see his mom with a stack of duffle bags in front of the doormat exiting. Now he remembered, this was the night his mum walked out on them,  abandoning his dad and more so, him. His dad stood close to her looking defeated. She twisted the doorknob, and Henry squawked to her, she walked out into the night without a goodbye or looking back.

The ECG continued beeping.

Henry saw the people standing around him again, except this time, he was in a different environ, no longer in surgery.

“How’s he doing?”

“He’ll survive,” she sounded wary, “but it’s too soon to tell if he’ll ever recover completely”

Doc. you have to see this,” Dr. Walsh ventured into the room, holding a graph in his hands

“what am I looking at?”

“This is the EEG recording of Henry’s brain before and after deep brain stimuli. According to this, Henry’s reticular formation and pons are active and transmitting electrical signals. This man is not in a coma, his body may have been dying but his mind was alert this whole time, like some sorta undiagnosed EP phenomenon.” He paused and drifted his gaze across the room.

“We might have stumbled unto something out of the ordinary here.”

Are you saying we’ve discovered the key to unlocking the potential of the human mind?

They all turned in awe to the man supposably unconscious with half a dozen of tubes sticking out of his face and other body parts

And Henry sat on the edge of the bed glaring back at them.

“Hi, my name is Henry.”







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