We don’t have to brave a fight to heal Tomorrow is a new day but today is war we bear the heat of uncompromising terror, press play on life set actions into motion our lovers become foes Happiness is subjective balance is trivialized Darkness leads to a fathomless abyss of¬† bliss, or disillusion Man … More Unresolved

The House Dragon

  Twas the night before Christmas Throughout the city, not a creature was stirring All was still and quaint well, except at Emily’s house. Emily was my neighbor, I know not how true her tale is, but she swears it unfolded right before her.   Yesterday, Emily was cycling on the open road, Yesterday, She … More The House Dragon

Purple Rain

Platform 9 The clanking of the railway tracks warns pedestrians to stand at bay. The girl wearing black chiffon dress with a green track jacket stood close, gleaming at a train as it swooshes past us. She stares intently like she could recognize something others couldn’t discern.     The sky billows above us, threatening … More Purple Rain

No Man’s Land

We come from the same land dear brother, I trusted you unheedingly, We walked through the desert me, yearning for a new beginning.     Your skin like mine is dark your flag like mine is green I’m not a slave. But like the Portuguese¬†pirates of the old world you’ve branded me, a cow and … More No Man’s Land


What would it feel like if I stand on the edge If I happen to be in close proximity to it, then what? what if I could walk maybe I am lighter than oxygen or maybe I’d get a concussion either way, I have to know. but baby girl, you don’t float. beyond sea level, … More Alien