This period is not only the infamous flu season, but it is the peak of the flu season. Everyone’s coughing or sniffling, and it could be especially tricky to “fight the Bug”, especially if you’re a communal bus rider or work in the education sector; perhaps even in a hospital.

Influenza, or the flu, as it most commonly known is an illness prevalent in the winter and highly contagious. Its symptoms are usually subtle but occasionally may present with tonsilitis, dry cough, rhinitis, enlarged lymph nodes, mild fever, myalgia fatigue.

It is caused by Influenza virus and occasionally, Parainfluenza virus,  Respiratory Syncytial Virus etc.

To avoid these nasty lil’ buggers, here are my top 10 advises to improve your immune system this season.

1.) Make Lemons Your Bestie: Lemons contain a ton load of vitamin-C which happen to be naturally anti-oxidants and immune boosters. I like to squeeze it into hot tea with honey every day.

2.) Three golden words Apple Cider Vinegar: We’ve heard the phrase; “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, this effect is 15 x more concentrated in ACVs, they contain anti-microbial and anti-fungal activities.

3.) Eat a lot of seafood: There are a lot of tasty cuisines we can invent in the kitchen with seafood including pizzas. Don’t be scared to get creative with cooking.

4.) Exercise! exercise !! exercise !!! I bet you saw this one coming. To kickstart your immune system and fight the pathogens,  you can increase your blood flow. Since your blood contains lymphocytes which destroy foreign, microbial cells so a moderate aerobic workout 3x/day will keep you strong and healthy.

5.) Adequate Sleep:   There have been some recent debates regarding just how much sleep humans need to draw the line between adequate and excessive sleeping.  My personal beliefs is to let your brain decide for itself. Our circadian rhythm is geared to wake us by increasing our brain activity.

On the other hand, if you have a psychological disorder like sleep disorders or clinical depression where you either wake up at 3am or sleep till 10 am then,  DO NOT let your brain decide when you wake up. Contact a psychoanalyst and get the right medications to control your sleep.

6.)  Garlic & Onion:  Again, you’ve got your Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. They’re improving arterial circulation, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal; and then there’s the mother of it all, they are natural anti-neoplastic agents.

Honestly, I am not a huge fan of onions, ever since I was a kid I selected them out of my meals whenever I saw it, recently, I realized that I’ve warmed up to it a little bit more, to my own amazement.

7.)  Healthy oils: Olive oil, grape-seed oil,  Carotino red oil, sesame oil and many more essential oils can replace your palm oil & sunflower oil.

8.) avoid trans-fat: Seriously, avoid it. It’s tricky because they’re everywhere but most food products just scream unhealthy trans fat and that’s what you should  TRY  to stay away from.

9.)  Your primary care physician:  Build a relationship with your GP so that when you feel a sniffle or a headache coming on, you can simply pick up your phone and get a direct and medical advise and perhaps get a prescription.

10.) positive mindset:  how you react to what your body is telling you really counts.  So perhaps, you have muscle ache and your nose won’t work. Brave it, drink hot tea and smile.

Remember, you can only come down with it once a season.

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