The One That Got Away


The Snow grew heavier

They lay in bed

entwined in each other’s crouch

Him caressing her cheeks

He adored her

He couldn’t imagine his world without her.


She gazed into his eyes

They say when you’re with the right one

You just know

And it terrified her

If only he knew

His love was toxic

She’d turned it into resentment

If he only knew

that they wouldn’t stay entwined forever.

It’d break him

but she was youthful, beautiful

many-a-man fell at her heel

Afterall, wouldn’t it be a crime

to commit too early?


He senses his lover’s tribulations

He askes that one question

he knew would discern her intentions,

“Do you even love me?”

A pause.

Followed by a longer pause.


Their bodies separate

Just like their hearts.



He held onto her,

her scent, her voice

As long as he could

He wouldn’t find anybody else

For he wasn’t suave,

not even a little bit

But in a country with more than 250 million people

Even the hunchback on Notre Dame himself was accepted.

He was right.




Like she always wanted

Living defiantly

Reveling in the arms of suitors.

Someday she’d commit

Not until the wine turned sour

Her conquests became stale

and staying up till midnight, a chore

Would that day be on the horizon.

She often had reveries of him

And how he was faring

She picked up the phone book

And sought him.



He knew whom it was

When he saw the text

Memories of his heart, broken

by the person he could have vowed would always be there

He texted back.

Reconnecting with the old.



She admits she doesn’t have a regret

Tho, she wishes he would care for her

She senses part of him wants it too

so she asks the question

She knew would discern his intentions,

“Do you even love me?”

A pause.

A longer pause.







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