Son of Pisces

Eons prior to your creation, the sun charted the heaven; Son of Pisces Neptune unravels its secrets,  invisible no longer Like aquamarine; your eyes glisten, mirroring your soul.   Frivolous, yet compassionate. You love  like a martyr Prideful, like the Braveheart. Yours is a torn, pervicacious spirit Ardent, like the scorpion, revering in  the illusion of life, … More Son of Pisces

Little Wanderer

Her mother calls her little wanderer. Her brother says she’ll twist a joint if she swings from one more branch. she’d play dress up and hopscotch. She loved to twirl most of all. It’ll transport her into Neurkhkryx, where everyone is minuscule, like crystal. All eleven tribes are peace-loving. Poverty doesn’t exist. It is Nirvana. … More Little Wanderer


There is a dilapidating dark  place Once occupied by wonder, and  meadows Rainbows, and childish exuberance. Now a foul stench seethes through the vents.   An inferno ravished by, leaving behind rusty embers where a playground used to be. Despair is borne of a fairytale.   A creature roams through the wreckage. It blooms, unrestrained. Unencumbered. It … More Embers


There is an old Afrikaan proverb which says, no matter what a leopard does, he could never rid himself of his spots.   This is the story of a German lad. He resided in England for the first four years of his life, then his family had to move back to Germany. He made no … More Blackaholic