A blank slate.  I’ve hit a wall and I’m intently searching the recesses of my mind for anything worth writing, a scribble even. Really, it’s not that I’ve hit a wall. Quite the opposite actually, I am a dreamer, I hope my visions will never cease, but the block is irrefutable. Communication being a tool … More Metamorphosis

The Anthem Of Spring

    Beware the Ides of March! An era of restoration draws nigh. Angel dust spored by genies Replenishing our life forces Redemption from forbidden promises.       Louver and lovers past. Sow wild oats of nymphic desire A monsoon of authentic colors A new moon pours bourbon for the soul Inebriating us insidiously … More The Anthem Of Spring

How I Spent Easter

Hello again, Today is a special day because I’m doing something I never do, i.e blogging on a Sunday (remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy). I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter and if you’re not, never forget that every situation in life is only temporary, look upon the cross and his glory … More How I Spent Easter