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The Yoga Burn Fitness System Review


The Yoga Burn Fitness system is a one-of-a-kind fitness tool created by certified Yoga instructor, Zoe Bray-Cotton for women to shape-up  and feel lighter. Yoga Burn requires Zero experience. Zero weights. Zero gym membership. Visit to begin reaping the benefits of a healthy life.

Yoga Burn

When I stumbled upon Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga burn program on,
I wondered how safe and flexible this program was,

I thought about the price.

Is yoga burn a better alternatives to the general yoga classes I take ?

Can this program really help me to reduce stress, while lose weight ?


Since using Yoga burn, I have uncovered several secrets about the program and this is my honest unbiased review detailing the pros and cons associated with the Yoga Burn fitness Program;


I love yoga. There is a sense of peace and tranquility it offers that no amount of weighted exercise or cardio can give, therefore I have been practicing yoga for  close to 2 years. Then I came across Yoga burn, I decided to buy the program in order to be able to provide an effective review so please read this until the end and decide if this program is for right for you.


  • Yoga burn / Her Yoga Secrets is a 12-week long yoga video course that allows you to exercise at home. It i s taught by creator, Zoe Bray Cotton.
  • No eBook is included, because it is in a video format, thus you can easily copy the yoga poses step by step.

TIP: Although it is designed for women, men can also benefit from this exercises – and without  any side effects.

  • There is also an audio version included. You can either download it to your PC or stream it online for audio and Video lessons, or both.

I, however suggest that beginners use the video format, so that you can learn each pose. Doing yoga with only audio commentary might be strenuous and consuming for a beginner without visual-aid.



What is inside the Her Yoga Secrets Yoga Burn Program

There are 12 videos in the core of the program (3 introduction videos, and 9 workout videos). They are divided into 3 phases With 1 Bonus Phase:

  1. Foundational Flow: learn how to execute each movement with proper form  by the end of 4 weeks. It is the key to progressing to the other 2 phases safely and effectively.
  2. Transitional Flow: combine all the exercises you’ve learned into a smooth flow to burn calories, get your heart rate up, and allow you to focus on the present moment.
  3. Mastery Flow: fire up your metabolism and transform your body. There are combinations of upper and lower body compound movements that give your body that sexy hourglass shape.
  4. Torch Flow : Unannounced Exclusive Final Phase only found on the DVD which will be delivered to your house. Designed to torch body fat and help sculpt sexy, feminine muscle  . The movement is very different to traditional yoga poses. I Found many new yoga poses that i’ve never do before


Yoga Burn 1



  • All this flow must be followed in the exact order. Each video has 15 minutes’ exercise repeated 3 times and separated by 10s breaks, so the total duration of each video is around 45 minutes. The difficulty gradually increases between each flow.


  • It is not very difficult to follow. Zoe Bray Cotton‘s instruction is very clear, precise, and not too fast, the camera angle is also great – makes it easier to watch how to do each pose in detail.


  • You may wobble a bit if you’re very new to yoga, but since the exercise is repeated 3 times, you will get the hang on it pretty fast.


  • Alternatively, if certain poses are too easy, sometimes Zoe Bray gives an option to challenge and intensify the workout , otherwise one can switch to the easier variant.



There are also Bonus Videos;

  1. Tranquility Flow:  A 15-minute relaxation yoga (Yin Yoga) to distress and relax your body and sore muscles. You can do this any time you wish.
  2. Beginner Flow: A 45-minute easy yoga exercise (Yin Yoga). This is perfect for beginners or individuals recovering from injury or child birth.
  3. Video Tips
  4. 21 Yoga Pose Video Tutorial: this is very important. It will guide you how to do each pose correctly.
  5. 6 Veggies That Cause Fat Gain. *revealed*

PLUS Yoga Monthly Bonus Video  accessable when the DVD is delivered to your home . These are;

  1. 12 Week Restorative Yoga :  12 Yin yoga Practices to increase flexibility & help you to relax ( Duration is around 25 – 30 minutes ) .
  2. Meditation Solution : You can choose between 3 guided meditation to distress your mind and body anytime / after yoga practices .





I’ve checked out all the poses and consider them safe. There are no dangerous poses that would require a yoga instructor or assistant. Such poses like headstand, handstand, scorpion pose etc.


What about the cons? you’re probably wondering.

I find that Zoe Bray  Cottons rarely points out the common mistakes of doing certain poses, so my suggestion is that you  pay attention to the neck, head, shoulders, hips, feet (flexing or pointing), knees, and shoulder position when doing some poses. For instance;

  1. If you are doing the warrior 1 pose, make sure that your hip is square and facing forward.
  2. In the lunge pose make sure that your knees don’t cross over your toes – you must be able to see your toes.
  3. In the Chaturanga pose make sure that your elbow is stuck to your chest. Imagine putting a pen in your armpit and holding it there not to drop it.
  4. In the Cobra pose don’t close your feet together. Keep some distance between them to protect your lower back.

 But don’t fret – there are 21 yoga pose video tutorials that you can watch many times so as not to miss these details.

If you buy the program, start from the foundational flow and then watch the pose tutorial.

The most used poses are: flow 1, flow 2 lunge, chair pose, warrior 1, warrior 2.

PRO TIP: take it step by step, just watch 1 video per day.

If you are interested in the testimonials related to Yoga Burn Fitness program, click HERE


How Fast Can I See The Results?

Every person will vary amongst different populations. Yoga burn is not going to magically transform your body. Just put in the work and be patient.

I felt  the benefits No 1, 3, and 4 almost instantly. The most important thing is to make yoga a habit and the results will come.



Who can practice the Yoga Burn Program?

Anyone can do yoga burn. Although the website looks like it is designed for women, men can do it. I’ve confirmed it with Zoe Bray-Cotton.  You could even practice it with your partner.

If you’re injured ,a senior or pregnant, you can do the Beginner Flow or ask your doctor, or Zoe herself. Her support is very fast and responsive.

If you’re stiff, this program is great for improving your flexibility. It is 100% wrong to assume that yoga burn is only for flexible people.

Yoga burn is also perfect for anyone who has never practiced yoga and for advanced yoga practitioners too. The Mastery Flow is especially challenging for advanced practitioners.

Yogaburn is a perfect program for anyone who is busy and doesn’t have time to go to a yoga class, or anyone looking for a cheaper, but still great quality yoga program alternative.



What do you need when practicing Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Burn Program?

You will only need 1 yoga mat and comfortable clothing to Start the Core Program- casual is OK.

Don’t wear clothes that restrict your mobility. Yoga clothing is optional.  Don’t wear socks when doing yoga to avoid slipping.

Here are my recommended brands of yoga mats and the links to buying them from Amazon:

  1. Jade:  4.5-star rating with 1600+ reviews. Price starts from $74.95
  2. Manduka: 4.5-star rating with 700+ reviews. Price starts from $67
  3. Liforme:  5-star rating with 14 reviews. Price: $165.
  4.  Balanceform for $17 here  4-star rating with 3,271 reviews.


Other props that are not compulsory . These  props are used for restorative yoga practice found on the yogaburn monthly DVD.

  1. Yoga Blocks 2 Pcs : You can buy from Amazon here for only $ 10.49 . 4.5 Star rating  with 479 reviews
    Alternatively you can use big books as a substitute
  2. Yoga Straps : Buy from Amazon here for only $ 7.99 . 4.8 Star rating with 129 review
    Alternatively you can use scarf , belt or long towels
  3. Blanket & Pillows


The Best Place to buy Zoe Bray Cotton’s YogaBurn Program

You can buy the Yogaburn / Her Yoga Secrets program by visiting the official site here .

 Notes: If you want to skip the video and buy it, click the website link above twice. You’ll see the buy button immediately on the 2nd website that you’ll open.

The cost of the program is only $37 + shipping and handling. You will get the complete physical and digital collection ( 2 DVD ).

After you buy it you can instantly download or stream the program while waiting for your physical collection to arrive at your home. ( Delivery times is around 2 – 3 Weeks )


You can also buy 2 for your friend or family for $57 + shipping and handling. Considering the value you get, this program is very cheap compared to a private session.

There is also a 60-days no questions asked 100% money back guarantee if you feel that yoga burn is not for you, but I bet you won’t need it.



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