Hey Baby, won’t you come in?

Before the brazen sun dehydrates your Ebony sheen. Come and I will take care of you, take you to a restaurant and pay for a room to rest your pretty head.

Please sit with me, a beauty like yourself shouldn’t be outcha.  There are wolves and sharks, and even mammoths, I pay your fare to wherever you wish to go.

Tell them. When you get there, that we are not all the same. We do not use race and religion to destroy each other.  Tell them we have become advanced humanoids. Tell them there is a life beyond recession.

 We are like Israel, God’s holy nation.

I send you to Aso, the rock on the hill.  Wherein lives the most incompetent leader in the world. We let history repeat. All of which; the famine, the suffering, the killings could have been avoided.  Ignorance is truly a disease.

Try and try again to uproot the corruption. fluid lies quakes a united nation, If we are as united then why is there  an uprising in the North, the Fulani’s slaughtering and conquering the Middle belt,  apparently cows are more valuable than Humans.

A leader that enables such destruction, he turns a blind eye.  Then calls the youth redundant. The same could be said of his children, oh wait! they are not counted amongst the average youth.

The agenda has always been Religion.

Brother killing brother. Pastor making coins off the back of docile congregations.  In this land, nothing grows, they only wilt into coma.  The youths flee, to take refuge in another man’s land, so they may not die of vigorous  hunger, and be thrown into a mass grave where no man mourns.

Behold I send you a lamb amongst wolves. This curses we suffer are yet unnumbered. The world moves forward and we slide deeper into the forsaken ages. While some powder their noses behind shades. “Utopia,” they say, ” we’re coming home”.




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