The Great Shepherd

Unto us a child is born

A heir to the throne of David

We have waited for so long

even with our eyes we are blind



Remove us from the mortuary

and lead us into your Sanctuary

Our  hearts begged and wailed

So he poured in abundance the Spirit of truth



Oh how he loves us

Oh how he yearns for us to accept him

no amount of poetry can express

the suffering he’s endured for our sake



He heard my soul cry  out

from my mother’s womb

So he went down to the dungeon of hell

That the innocent could live.



He glorifies the weak

he humbles the proud

from his mouth pours wisdom

he gives freely, without a second thought



The source of our very breath

Science says energy can only be transformed

but you create and destroy energy

The provider of Breakthrough



You remain the centre of gravity

Rulers of the world bow down

to the Lord of Lords

For you alone are the great shepherd.







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