Celebration of life




The magnificent stage light illuminates

Each day the theatre curtains raise

but the show isn’t forever



I know they played their lives well

for even the people who did not know them

sang genuinely of their kindness



I envy their peace

they fulfilled their purpose

and now a burden has been lifted off their shoulders


Sweet scented  flowers surround their tombstone

Their body, tho worthless now

Their integrity will never be


May angels guide their soul

gravitating them in confident joy

’til we hear the call of our Saviour


There will be an end to diabetics

The barriers of  breast cancer will be loose

where you are, no man can drown


I celebrate their inspiring lives

because they celebrated our friendship

even when I didn’t acknowledge it


I celebrate their beauty

their legacies are engraved in the sands of time

even more so when they’ll don their new aliferous bodies


The game has always been rigged

we’ve had no leverage

yet soon we share in glory, eternal


I long to see them

revere in their embrace again

as we transcend the earth and it’s long suffering




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