Seasoning with secrets

There is a something circulating downtown

The Turtledove sang a cinquain into the eagle’s ear

before the dawn, look up to the sky

and see the moon kiss the ocean while the stars watch

But you see that’s not much a secret

the moon and Ocean french every night

But when you stand out in your balcony

you’ll see shards of a broken face staring back

your mirror’s reflection sells broken dreams

to the woman you’ll never become

So now we’re casting lots, spilling beans

the boys we’ve lusted for and what not

What I love about you is like a minute diamond

and everything else reeks like death

Oh so we’re not gonna speak no more? mighty affable

Girls will be girls like boys will be boys

Is someone hurting your feelings, who me?

I’m only listening to sounds you make that I can’t hear

Words are like dust swept into a corner

spring cleaning came early, open Pandora’s box

Let it all hang like blood splatter on wet marble

Let love to argue loyalty and blame

Your secrets both entice and appals me

Such a powerful sword you wield

but an act of nobility you’ll fail to see

Not until the day you choose to let sleeping dogs lie

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