Dark times

dark times

The world is ending I heard her pleas The ground has opened to swallow up human kind Wolves move in packs so does man listening for sign of life beneath the earth the end of us could be a beginning of another The world is ending haven’t you heard? the ninth wonder of the world […]

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Another day, another year

another day, another year

Every time it rains You’re here in my head like the sun coming out I just know that something good is gonna happen I don’t know when but just say a decree and make it happen… Cloudbusting, Kate bush Today is infamously the day my parents arguably claim I was born on. I have no […]

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Remembrance day

Patriotic Nigerian, we hold in our finite hands the fate of the future. Later generations will hold tomorrow in the same regard as the Biafra war they will remember their father and mother’s decision their uncles and aunties reaction it is not a question of who is the smarter candidate or who makes the most […]

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The Getaway

I’m filling up the tank, Amadeus let me drive into mid-summer’s sunset wave good-bye to the road we built together leave behind the haunted part of myself and the people who whose faces I swore I’d always recognise I’m gonna drive past the seven mountains each representing an era of intrepid defeat followed by respite […]

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The Rain dance

the rain

You are the stranger I envisioned in my dream what with that quaint looks and pale face we never know how the cards may turn I’ll be at our usual place playing our usual song waiting for the haunting grip of reality even if the sky rains with burning embers I will wait for you […]

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Do you read me?

I watch you daily because your history leaves a cache trail of fine print. I notice the whites of your eyes gleam at a variety of anonymous sites. Registered in the clouds are a collection of stories, and photography, too many to count since the lovers of art walk a nostalgic part. Each artist’s works […]

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Mein Schatz

mein schatz

Treasure, Tell me what you need I’m Smitten by your charm ’till Pisces hold fades

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A ballad for valentine

a ballet for valentine

Step right up and witness the innovative saint There are bouts of emotions only one night a year see as endorphins run high and vaporises when he walks by like a shadowy apparition Two Euros and twelve cent and she heard him commanding humans, inviting many to stillness with eyes that resonates with the shifting wind […]

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The widower

The sky bleeds darkness the sand swallows the souls of his previous lovers in his eyes, every reason is bleak and mundane he speaks a language only mourners of existence comprehend and bows in silence for as many times the big church bell klings His children are his acquired treasure more priceless than precious stones […]

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Dear African Child

Dear African child

Dear future daughter, Your existence will neither be easy nor transitional because of where you were born On a community soil dampened with ancestral woes far humungous baggages will be place on your delicate shoulders luggages you can’t escape, linked by earth and blood seen and unseen forces will work against you men will dismiss […]

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