another day, another year

Another day, another year

Every time it rains

You’re here in my head

like the sun coming out

I just know that something good is gonna happen

I don’t know when

but just say a decree and make it happen…

Cloudbusting, Kate bush

Today is infamously the day my parents arguably claim I was born on. I have no option but to accept that. Nonetheless, around this time every year . I notice a shift in energies influencing me.

Reversing back to a little while ago, I would have relied on birthday wishes both from social media acquaintances, and wanted nothing short of grandeur and spectacular gesture. I remember my 21st, when I celebrated both with picnic ( in cold February) and a dinner party. Lol. fun times.

I believe that there are two dates a woman is allowed to be self-centered. One comes every year on her birthday, and the other is her wedding day.

Well, truth is today is really not about me. it’s more about every other force around that negates or supports me to grow into myself. As I realised that each year God rewards me by unlocking a part of me. It’s like being invited to a party where you’re in the regular section, next year you get a VIP pass, the year after, you’re invited backstage until eventually you run the damn show. That’s just the reality of growth.

Another rather painful reality is that, the people who celebrate you each year may not be consistent. You eventually run the show because there is no one else to lend a hand. However, if you like me, then your guardian angel in the guise of a very handsome, caring, recently snatched bachelor, compels your amazing friends and family to support you.

The best present I got today was more of an act actually. Having my old lover(s), supporters and family from all around the world wish me birthday cheers. Thats’s going to be hard to outdo next year lol.

Lastly, because it’s become some sort of a tradition, I am compelled to reveal one key-word my previous age has taught me. Contentment. So as I sit down tonight and enjoy my glass of cabaret and my creamy pasta dish. My trusted hopping buddy being extra as usual, and my man checking up on me, before I sleep. I know I have everything I always needed.

Happy Birthday to me and memoir of Alexander.

This two years would have been nothing without your support and love, so from my heart to yours, have a great week.

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