Allow people to admire you for who you truly are, they say

and rain trickle down the grooves of your finger tip

let the mettlesome horse leave the court stables in February.

count your toxic days from incurable nights.

I say i’m not proud of the woman

my mother used to be

I hope the clogs she wore

make a different sound than the one I wear.

A black rose withers on your window pane

leaving snowy ashes on winter’s stairs

the language of my palms

is whitewashed to tell a different story from yours

When you least expect it

Light  flickers haphazadly in still abyss of darkness

You are on a train crashing into a river of eclectic changes

Deep waters stifle you until something different wipes your slate

We will rise

Above all adversities

allowing the first signs of transcension

Above the noise

That rouse pandemonium cackles

Above every defeat

Faith illuminates light on grace

Above the insecurities

standing back to back to back

Above the bullshit

Juxtaposing  non-concise cryptic messages

Above the war that fogs our mind

like the pitter-patter of rain drops

Above the pain

hidden behind every smile.

Like the morning dew vaporizes over fallen embers,

And the fish that breaks free from the current

we will rise.

Learn to shoulder on in the face of persecution

we will conquer the despair and chaos

Yes we shall.