a story

Tell us a story

I’ve dined too often with corpses, with loss, and macabre

there wouldn’t be grimacing gargoyles, or lustful vampires

not one of sentinel wars or wallowing oceans

and surely, oh surely no romantic outburst of uniting twin souls.

I’ve grown out of love with melancholic poetries and jazzy blues

don’t write me a song about fawns and a princess from far yonder

I don’t care for a mix-tape of political menace, activists and abolished law

I just couldn’t ask you for the pride and greed of institutional empires

Those long texts on Jing chi or mind soul connections bore me

The science of matter and covalent bonds are not teachable to me

tell us a story about you, flower child.

set a stage for challenges, uproars and laughters

bloom today with confidence, sehr brav

Liberate your soul with our attentive ears and receptive hearts

and then you will realise that you are everything

and you are nothing

You can let go

or you could hold on

You can just exist, in the ink of your story

You could be everything I imagined you to be

The Gladiator

When the gates swung open

There stood a masterpiece

In the guise of an Alien

he hummed a soft hymn of hope

Tho’ the birds chirped awfully loud

he remained the center piece

lean shoulders raised proud

like a gladiator in Ancient Greece

The drums drowns out his voice

his calloused feet are weary

but this was his predestined choice

A final hurray before he was too feeble to carry

With all his might he raised his sword

like excalibur reflecting the glazing sun

That day, freedom was going to be restored

but he knew, this was not his day to win

The crowd roar louder like never before

The center piece’s hibiscus is wilting

The birds chirp louder, a warning of sorts

the sword hits the dust, the end of war.

Alas! the gates are closed

He awaits the satisfying singe of release

The gladiator’s heart is tossed aside, necrosed

brought to his knees by an unrepentant disease

Alexander’s guide to Relinquishing control

It takes a lot to admit I have a problem. It’s not exactly a habit. I doubt it’s as easy as quitting sugar cravings, perhaps everyone struggles this at some point. I may have written about this previously in subtext. Hi, my name is Idara-abasi and I’m a control addict.


I guess this stems from my family again, with one parental figure showing authority society-wise and the other being an average joe . Naturally I didn’t want to be average. I wanted it all. When I don’t get the recognition, and ascertainment I need, that can be an ego trip.

I’m smart enough to know that control is a delusion, on the other hand, I just can’t shut down my radar, smoke weed, and listen to, “Don’t worry be happy” . Though I throw fits when life plans go wary, I eventually swallow a big nasty pill and introspect. There is always a nugget of wisdom hidden somewhere.

The plan

I made these plans to move to Austria, learn deutsch, take the language exam before easter and land a job. Naturally, I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to start residency right away, that’s why I was hoping to work as student practitioner, till I acquired the medical license. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but after researching, emailing administrators of the Austrian Medical chambers, I realised it is near damn impossible.


I resorted to whining like a 3 year old whose had his candy stolen. For weeks I rummaged in the sea of uncertainty, I was reliving my greatest fear of losing control. It’s medical school all over. Despite that, two words kept fluttering through my inner ear, “Have faith”.

The truth

Yesterday, as I was deliberating which pieces of the puzzle were salvageable, what part of the plan is resuscitable, I had an epiphany.

To envy someone who seemingly has control over his affairs is as meaningless as the current administration in Nigeria. Disaster can strike at any miscalculated moment. Even though I could somehow control my life, I could never get a grip of my surrounding.

Words of wisdom

Psalm 37 verses 23, 24, 40 is exactly what I needed. If God brought me out of medical school, there is no doubt in my mind that he will not do it again. Faith and trust may be the virtues I’m getting schooled on right now, but I think I’m only going to get a C-minus.

It’s hard and I sometimes forget. But the one thing I know is, I will get to where I need to be, most likely not in Austria, not that I’m abandoning the project, I am simply choosing to relinquishing control.

The sky is falling

The sky is falling. I said it before, so let’s talk this bizarre climate changes.

One day brimstones will rain down from the sky. We just can’t keep ignoring this. Man’s carbon footprints is crazy high, it’s destroying the planet we swore to love and protect.

We’re advancing in technology but making primitive mistakes. The air is tainted and mother nature is not happy we are killing off her most primitive inhabitants.

We are adaptable, but most anthropods, even mammals aren’t. and those that learn, just get hunted and killed. For how long will the world leaders ignore this critical issues that plague from the oldest being alive to the neonate that inspires the first breath of tainted air?

For how long is mangrove deforestation going to continue

How long must we keep picking apart the inert part of humanity?

The ecosystem is dying

Mother nature keeps crying

Her creatures are suffering

Her voice is fading

slowly but surely

fading into oblivion…

when the outermost layer of earth atmosphere finally decays

we will be as vulnerable, as those endangered animals

Carbon-dioxide is increasing

sea levels are rising

marine species are migrating

land animals as well

the earth’s core is melting

Greenhouse gases are skyrocketing

oxygen is declining

humans are dying

Yes man will become endangered if we don’t;

hold our hands togethers

laws must be implemented

voluntarily pick up garbages in the community

separate the household wastes

use less aerosol, use more organic products e.g deodorants

stop hunting animals for their wools

stop wasting paper

stop wasting water

cycle more, drive less

Yes everyone can implement a lifestyle to make the world a better place

I cannot do it on my own, and you’re not superman

if we don’t use the paper cups, the businesses will eventually go bankrupt

lets stand together in boldness and rescue the environment for all she has done for us

if not for our sake, for the sake of our endangered future generations to come.

Thanks for showing up for my TED Talk.

Musical chairs

Beware. the war isn’t over till it’s over and someone is bleeding scarlet on marble floor

Yes. the hands of time are ticking, ever so irritable, never reversing. Always tinkering

Look how far i’ve come, embracing the parts that weren’t elegant

Only to strip down the old tinsel and spray on a new paint

I like the deeper end of the ocean, knowing fully I can’t swim

haven’t gone far enough to look behind and see tumbleweed of past transgressions

too shortsighted to see the lighthouse on top a mountain miles away.

Each time my GPS points south, i head norths and then turn west

past the sparrow that sits on a branch of a great oak

…then I notice it after the fourth time around

Like an outdated middle-aged fairytale, it’s not-so- conspicuous riddles intrigues me.

The solution.. that’s as logical as separating conjoined twins.

You’d find me wearing three pullovers underneath the sky on a full moon trying to decipher the language of the skies

Only if you were looking for me

but I know you’re not.

It’s cold up there, a million light years ahead in a deserted vessel

I often dream in codes and patterns

I often think on Celestial being with a scythe in his left hand

that’s not logical, but what is logic anyways?

the sky is falling but everybody’s nose is in their smartphones

Let’s just play musical chairs, hope and sit where we have to

we’d make casual conversations and avoid eye contact with each other

give me sec to powder my nose and wear my best smile

what a perfect harmonious world we live in

A New Day

The moon draws a curtain in the early morning. Dew drops settle on grass leaves in uniform beads. The Cock wakes up from his usual branch and rattles other woodland critters. They stir up a fiery ruckus after satisfying their hunger.

All except the Koala whose psychological rhythm is the opposite.

Natural light slowly sets the stage for another alluring performance. Light filters into the hypopituitary gland, cleaving reversible reactions, stimulating deepened breath.

Brain waves begin to converge. The memories are organised, The library of the subconscious closes soon.

Wallow on the surface and embrace your lucid dreams. With lesser eye movements, Man eases himself out. whenever you’re ready you may wiggle back into consciousness.

the day is bright.

the air is clear

The slate is clean

the world is waiting for you.

Take the opportunity. Establish your base and build your dreams. What shall you do?

It’s a new day and another opportunity. Take a dig at with while you still can.

Go forward with faith, peace and blessings this new week.


You flipped the pages of your mind

darkness crawls out of the fornices

like dust bunnies stirred out of it’s corner

much to your disaffection and pride

Sounds drowns

pupils dilates

Breath non-stimulated

you step into a fog.

A face forms from it’s shadowy vape

(S)he wants to see you for what you truly are

and (S)he won’t leave you alone

until you drink him or her whole

You notice (s)he is a child

with innocent smile and ceramic eyes

His or her’s facial expression tells a story

of the darkness, the fog and everything in between

(S)he is not the darkness

(S)he is only the meagre remains

Though (s)he is watchful and mute

her voice fill the atmosphere like a Banshee’s shriek

(S)he is the trigger that keeps you unrepentantly lucid

the wilting roses in your quaint Sanctuary

the Virus that invades your avalanched system

for that reason you name him or her Madelene.


“It’s true

I washed your blood with my colourful fabric

ingest me like the blue pill

and I will roar you into ethereal youth

When you’re lost in a sea of hauntings

I will be there with the key to pandora’s chest

while you’re waiting for dreams to unfold

there will be singes of thunderstorm

a hurricane of paranomal havoc

followed by echoes percolating through darkness

hold onto that little mustard seed called faith

and I will turn your tired spirit into the cheeriest of them all”

…says the One who makes all things possible

and though this hope is unfounded

I still believe what my eyes can’t see.

My Silver Bullet

I heard him cork the gun, I felt it aimed at my torso.

I wrym and wiggle like a pregnant Caribou

the end of today is the beginning of tomorrow

so where I end, is the point you begin

Borders are not my friend, regulations are not my Anthem

Hard to live in a paradise when the leaves whisper control

One could walk on the beach, but the sand will swallow him whole

he says, fuck the rules dear, tell a story with the bullet I got you

Oh it’s forged from silver, made for your stubborn heart

nothing else would do, like playing chess with an Hourglass

You’re but a lingering speculation for the generation lost in space

and you stand at the border where mysticism ends and technology begins

So lets thread down a path known to a few

where health fails and spirituality unfurls

the game is switched when you die here, you’ll live there

the border where your heart stops and the silver bullet starts

The moonlight reflects on the Sea, illuminating our monotonous footprint

my bullet glistens like the silver moon as I marvel at it’s buoyancy

his cherished gift to me, his misguided lover, far from a diamond bracelet.

then he corks the gun, this is where I end and he begins.