You flipped the pages of your mind

darkness crawls out of the fornices

like dust bunnies stirred out of it’s corner

much to your disaffection and pride

Sounds drowns

pupils dilates

Breath non-stimulated

you step into a fog.

A face forms from it’s shadowy vape

(S)he wants to see you for what you truly are

and (S)he won’t leave you alone

until you drink him or her whole

You notice (s)he is a child

with innocent smile and ceramic eyes

His or her’s facial expression tells a story

of the darkness, the fog and everything in between

(S)he is not the darkness

(S)he is only the meagre remains

Though (s)he is watchful and mute

her voice fill the atmosphere like a Banshee’s shriek

(S)he is the trigger that keeps you unrepentantly lucid

the wilting roses in your quaint Sanctuary

the Virus that invades your avalanched system

for that reason you name him or her Madelene.

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