A New Day

The moon draws a curtain in the early morning. Dew drops settle on grass leaves in uniform beads. The Cock wakes up from his usual branch and rattles other woodland critters. They stir up a fiery ruckus after satisfying their hunger.

All except the Koala whose psychological rhythm is the opposite.

Natural light slowly sets the stage for another alluring performance. Light filters into the hypopituitary gland, cleaving reversible reactions, stimulating deepened breath.

Brain waves begin to converge. The memories are organised, The library of the subconscious closes soon.

Wallow on the surface and embrace your lucid dreams. With lesser eye movements, Man eases himself out. whenever you’re ready you may wiggle back into consciousness.

the day is bright.

the air is clear

The slate is clean

the world is waiting for you.

Take the opportunity. Establish your base and build your dreams. What shall you do?

It’s a new day and another opportunity. Take a dig at with while you still can.

Go forward with faith, peace and blessings this new week.

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