a story

a story

Tell us a story

I’ve dined too often with corpses, with loss, and macabre

there wouldn’t be grimacing gargoyles, or lustful vampires

not one of sentinel wars or wallowing oceans

and surely, oh surely no romantic outburst of uniting twin souls.

I’ve grown out of love with melancholic poetries and jazzy blues

don’t write me a song about fawns and a princess from far yonder

I don’t care for a mix-tape of political menace, activists and abolished law

I just couldn’t ask you for the pride and greed of institutional empires

Those long texts on Jing chi or mind soul connections bore me

The science of matter and covalent bonds are not teachable to me

tell us a story about you, flower child.

set a stage for challenges, uproars and laughters

bloom today with confidence, sehr brav

Liberate your soul with our attentive ears and receptive hearts

and then you will realise that you are everything

and you are nothing

You can let go

or you could hold on

You can just exist, in the ink of your story

You could be everything I imagined you to be

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