He just doesn’t know how to turn a blind eye to the needy and braves through the scourging sun to rain down favour from the universal angel of love         Tattooed to the back of his hand is a sketch of the world. He knits together the tapestry of lost hope. At […]

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Silent eyes

silent eyes

I was standing at the front of my mat with my feet rooted to the earth, much like a woman with silent eyes waiting for hours at a bus stop. Prudently listening and smiling, like her cares had been washed away with dunes on midnight’s wave and she didn’t have anywhere to be. Though she […]

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Delilah’s wish

Delilah's wish

She waited at the foot of mother’s rocking chair, next to the polka- dot curtains, cuddling her head between the flesh of her palms. Mother was 122 years old with the smile of a 6 year Mädel. Her silver hair was ankle-long and growing. She reminded Delilah of an orange orchid that blossomed in spring. […]

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If only…

if only

if only I had enough time to say goodbye to the rustling fig trees. that coax the aching silence of the moon. Auf Deutsch Wenn ich bloß nur genug Zeit hätte um sich von den raschelnden Feigenbäumen zu verabschieden. dass die schmerzende Stille des Mondes überreden.

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Her Connection

Her connection

Today she saw a bird, black-feathered, orange-beak it was and next to it sat another together on a fence. She’d never had a best friend So the pen became her therapist as well as her mentor She made the mint pages of a book, her biggest patrons. Her favourite blouse leaves a trail of ox-blood […]

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Black realness meets pop culture

black realness meets pop culture

I’m still gagging. *Warning: this post is slightly ethnic heavy* To usher us into a new era of super fierce black realness, Solange released her new Album with her single “Almeda”. Here’s my 2 cents; Hello 911, what’s your emerg—? mumbles You say he’s suffering from persistent convulsions? Give that man a bolus of melanin […]

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The Test

the test

After my well articulated post of taking it easy and letting life happen few weeks ago, I went ahead and did something absolutely rash last week. I signed up for the language test. the registration for the exam is not a big deal, I mean normally people register for an exam they want to take […]

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God’s plan

God's plan

Everyday starts out the same—a longing yawn that spurs our entire organs to wakening. However they end differently. Sometimes different is good, other times it’s bad different. The high priestess draws are unpredictable Sometimes we wake up with a single goal in mind like, find food, the next minute a dentist is sawing off your […]

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