Simple naive girl

Simple naive girl

simple naive girl standing at a bay

wind caressing her bronzed-red cheeks

her skin decorated with chilling goosebumps

She’ll be there much longer

She never learnt her ABC’s

she cut her locs and looks mad shabby

talk is cheap, that’s everything she’s not

One look and her face melts into your mind

When a marigold of beauty meets the devil

all forts gives way to the sandstorm of heckle

She takes a terse step forward and 10 strides back

look she’s already pregnant with disappointment

She grew into a Robotic shell

mechanical in every way, like a caged dove

She escaped her iron cast

when she reprogrammed herself to feel

Overdosing from undeserved trust and faulty loyalty

when the full moon waxes and wanes

she’ll patch her haunted soul together again

but simple naive girl just never learns

She gives herself up love

even if it’s an agonising wrench through her spine

she figured, if seeing is believing

she couldn’t master life with hardly feeling.

2 thoughts on “Simple naive girl”

  1. Wonderful post. Always take risks on love and trusting others, even though you will be hurt by some. The unexpected love you will gain by some will more than make up for the losses.

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