Every day

silent eyes

Every day I hear a melody of thespian dreams floating away I find a thousand children smile through your eyes and applaud every movie I see before the end credit roll to revel with a swirly glass of Merlot, that’s dinner and try to change the end of every day I lay on the grass […]

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Last stop: Hope

Ms dukings hung her head outside the moving van. Eyes darting from scrub to scrub. Hill to hill. As though he would pop up. She didn’t want to miss any moment. The journey from Ibadan to Lagos central was four hours, out of which they had exhausted 2. Detective Kozak had attempted making small talks […]

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Temi’s smile

I Too have something to say

Her middle name could have been hope for she saw beauty in the strangest of phenomenas too. She’d lay side by side to monsters and infect them with her twitchy smile. Her name was Temioluwa and that was her super power Temi,s eyes was like the sun erupting from behind forest grooves on a lusty […]

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Sexual Telepathy

Dear Motown Lover, We’ve been gambling in dangerous territory for a while now. Submitting to the flirtatious hands of seduction as I throw my chin up and toss my shoulders back. Seemingly intoxicated on laudanum and each other’s high coos. My back pressed against the counter top, as you slow grind between my fleshy thighs. […]

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A religion of kindness

Let us open the first book of happiness behold the chapters of wisdom fulfilment is not custom made insight is rare in our frugal kingdom Some will lose prudence; others may find the holy grail Without compassion humanity wilts; therefore breath love when you exhale Holding on to nothing can be liberating, even if the […]

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Disingenuous AI

The AI said to the scientist You adore my circuitry and anomalies I can only pretend to imagine your emotions But you fear the twinkle of disingenuity in my eye For you know I am of higher intelligence than you And one day your nuclear missiles will be useless against I, your beloved creation.

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A Lost Voyager

I remember being driven around but not wanting to go home I remember poking high ceilings with silence, unheard I remember breathing into my heart, separated from my abdomen and expiring blazes of firework. I remember anomalies mingling with the soft mosturizer on my skin I remember being octracized for being more ebony than chocolate […]

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The day I almost died

the day i almost died

Tschechische Prag, den 13. Juli 2013. The day I jumped out of an airplane, I didn’t quite think much of it. I was having fun like young dumb girls do with their young dumb friends. It wasn’t for the blood boiling gut wrenching eye-popping gush of adrenaline. It wasn’t exactly a dare either. Two small […]

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Without you

without you

Without you the sun wouldn’t shine the ocean couldn’t generate waves Roses would grow bleak and wither Without you I would not be writing this My blood would sizzle and evaporate Evil people would be dancing over my tombstone Without you the birds wouldn’t sing so sweetly the dogs wouldn’t boast with their barks man […]

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On Adulting and Reading

on reading while adulting

Do people still read for fun? Even a two year old can see through my façade whenever I announce, I’m gonna read a book. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading. Did I say love? I loved reading some eight years back. My curiosity always got the upper hand. I wanted so much to be […]

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