A religion of kindness

Let us open the first book of happiness

behold the chapters of wisdom

fulfilment is not custom made

insight is rare in our frugal kingdom

Some will lose prudence;

others may find the holy grail

Without compassion humanity wilts;

therefore breath love when you exhale

Holding on to nothing can be liberating,

even if the universe moved in retrograde,

today omen would sows gaffes of nourishment,

healing tired bones as a trade.

Many know the word grateful

meagre put it into practice

As if the bodies beneath the earth

wouldn’t bow their heads for justice.

birds in the skies know

A balance of empathy and love.

Streams of rivers speak

the language of forgiveness.

On crooked wings awareness soars;

glowing in the mind like red velvet,

peers with the likes of perception

lighting the darkest night like campfire.

banal promises of optimism

break chains of struggle

Woven oaths of grace

gains steps ahead of the huddle.

In the prayer of a human heart

kindness reveals a pattern

still free falling into extinction

remains the only currency that matters

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