I Tried to Plan the Perfect Wedding

It was like my day was not my day.

Even the bride of Frankenstein would have had better grasp of weddings that I did. Let me start off by mentioning that I hate wedding. My idea was always to have a little court thing, if at all we choose to. I always toyed with the idea of being life partners, without the papers. But I came to discover that weddings are not for the couple, only the marriage is, the wedding is really for everybody else. Ouch!

My dream of a simple court thing did in-fact happen. 11 March 2019 was it, I was happy. We were happy.. until my parents inquired, “when are you coming down to Nigeria for the REAL one?”

That wasn’t real, excuse you?

And thus began my nightmare of planning a Nigerian wedding. I had gone only to a hand full of Nigerian weddings, all of which happened before the age of 16. Where do I start, Youtube?

My advantage was starting a year prior, unlike most Nigerians that begin only about 3 months to their date. However, those months flew by and I still had no clue in what order things should be organised.

At the half year mark, I began to make breakthroughs. I was on a row, except for the responsibility of managing a team. As a bride, you are automatically a team leader. The bridesmaids and everyone answer to you on what to wear, when to arrive and..and well that’s it. Sounds easy, except it’s not.

By January, we were almost set. Everybody has gotten their clothes. We had a Decorator, and a Dj, A photographer. Everything was planned to the tiniest detail. So what went wrong?


My make-up artist was late. The bridesmaids make-up artists were too slow, hence we were running late for church. I was a few inches too small for my dress. I was dying of hunger as I never ate. It was too hot, my face was melting. There was no time to make pictures. My bridesmaids were bullied. I hated the DJ’s selections.

It was like my day was not my day.

On the other hand, my Man was amazing. and the Decorator, he did good too.

I choose not to focus on something I didn’t even want in the first place. Aside from my career, and family, I have a Hungarian wedding waiting for me this summer, and just like the Nigerian one, I have no idea…but it’s ok.

My new motto is, if the earth don’t quake, then the day is perfect.

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