Women’s Day

Intention: I want to use this opportunity to connect with, and send a positive thought to every woman, girl on the face of the earth.

I would not be over-exaggerating if I point out that women have never had it easy. Beginning with Eve’s encounter with the snake, we’ve been tormented at every turning point in History and I must commend the strength in our weaknesses despite religion, politics, race and qualification.

I’m urged to tell of a recent life event. Few weeks ago, we visited the National assembly in Nigeria because Viktor was interested in our legislative system. Our system is not at all open to tourists but luckily a friend of mine who worked there helped us out. Of course it wouldn’t be Nigeria without a little predicament. On arrival, there was a disturbance among the officers regarding my dressing—-I was wearing a crop top. How abominable!

It was like I have been transported to medieval ages when the Man mentioned that, everyone in our group except me could go ahead into the Senate, because I was not appropriately dressed. This had little to do with dress code and everything to do with the Muslims that are so tightly integrated to the Nigerian Judicial system.

The National Assembly is NOT a religious institution, but the Hausas are especially territorial and conservative race.

I was lost of words—still am.

I did go home and change, just because of how badly Viktor and my aunts wanted to visit the establishments.

Nigeria is overflowing with misogynist. I hear so called humor and varying extents of assault, that are accepted as the norm. However once in a while, a person stands up to voice the trails and pain that every woman has at some point in their life, from the greatest to the the smallest, experienced.

And I say, Thank you to them, Thank you to each and every woman. Let us remember this day to celebrate our, and each other’s strengths.

Be brave like the stunner you have always been.

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