The Survivors of COVID19

It is the year 3005. Approximately a century of a light year and man is on the verge of extinction. The ozone is depleting, unfiltered rays shone through. Each survivor had a thousand chance of getting cancer if they were exposed to the atmosphere.

Augusta sat at her grandma’s heel, they’d just had lunch. The grub is meager now-a-days, almost all food, even confectioneries,  had GMO traces in them which had proven to be gastronomically toxic. At the time of discovery, less than 3% crops were organic and while the world steadily ate their way to the grave, Australia and Africa proved resilient to the natural selection of humanity.

Augusta loved stories, her favourite were about the life before the extinction,  she was curious about civilization and the millennial. She’d revere in the stories like she lived in them, and today was no exception, luckily grandma Alex is the best story teller alive, literally, as there were less than 300 humans alive.

Grandmother Alex dwindling eyes loomed into the distance. She knew the story her grand daughter requested. She  relived it as many times as she reiterated it. She heaved heavily as if out of breath, too painful to utter a word.

I come from a time of great triviality. We could have done better because we knew better. It was the year 2017 and mankind was at the peak of evolution. The world had 3 trillion occupants with oodling birth rates a reclining mortality rate. I was a young student at the time, my ultimate goal, to become a physician. I was insouciant to the world around me,  It was the only way to stay sane… little did I know what life had in store for us. The migration rate was explosive, with the ongoing war in the Middle East, and economic stand point, everyone wanted a better life elsewhere than home, including myself, albeit this was the beginning of the end.

A neo-viral complex carried  became established, tracing back to a CNC operator in Cardiff. I was the resident physician on call that day.  He presented symptoms of a complicated flu, 11 days later, the man made a complete recovery, or so we thought. Later that evening, he suffers a status epilepticus and died within minutes. A culture of his blood sent to the lab confirmed a recombinant of Dengue virus and Corona virus. Attempts to identify it’s conflate symptomatology failed and sure enough the disease spread fast. It was dubbed COVID19

Vietnamese migrants were the first to be associated with the disease.  East-Asia crumbled under the blow of an epidemic, the economic instability worsened it.  Attempts by the world leaders to aid Asia proved futile. Europe and USA went on the defence, abandoning Asia, watching under quarantined roofs as one subcontinent vanished. There was An uprising by world activists; and liberals protested. This lead to the beginning of the third world war.

How delightful!

Lives were destroyed. Dreams shattered, and families  separated.  Meanwhile Biologists from Russia and the U.S.A  worked secretly on an antidote for the pandemic, it was solely in the interest of the government. Nonetheless, the grim reaper spared them not.

By 2024,  the rate of inborn errors of metabolism had drastically tripled, and the world population was halved yet again. This was indirectly linked to GMO in food produce.

All these while, Africa prayed to their God. That seemed to be their source of hope. Unbelievably, it worked. Almost no one migrated to Africa. In that period, Africa was simply forgotten. The underdogs survived the greatest tribulations of Mother nature.

Grandma Alex stopped for a second to sip her Earl Grey and clear her throat before she cupped Augusta’s face in her trembling hands and peered into her eyes and said with  great conviction;

“You, my dearest Augusta, are the descendant of the fittest survivors”.

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