For the Culture

Dear Motown lover, I absquatulated to Narnia

To see gold ensemble of war ships, north of the loch ness

To feel the straddling orange warmth pacify my bosom

and finesse the taste of smooth jazz and Scottish scotch





I couldn’t hide from you, though I’ve been exiled

Your rouged bearded face haunts me in my solitude

I remember the extended soul & rhythm we collaborated on

but I had to leave to rediscover dreams I lost inside reality





Like a wild fire she swept over me only when I stopped

Stopped bending the elements

stopped fighting to heal

and returned to my homing basics





I hope to never run out of this Elixir

It’s not love, it’s attachments

Peace was nestled between rising smoke

And I wish I could feel it before the heat

before the storm

before the lightening

before I was constantly told what I couldn’t do




Dear Motown Lover, I am already in motion

sailing past the seven wonders, halfway across the world

experiencing life through others eyes, a remote feeling i’m compatible with

Raise your glass, and jam to your favourite beats when you think of me

I want the sky to split open when I’m in home, for the culture.

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