The Quarantine Chronicles

Freitag, den 20.03.2020. 14:00 Uhr

The public state office announced that starting this evening there would be a restriction of movement for everyone. I fear that we must stock up food in our small bunker-home and wait out this plague.

It’s a sunny day. The kind of day you want to go out, meet people and share ice-cream. So we went out anyways.

We scouted Rossman, Muller, Rewe and Lidl in search of one thing. Tissue-paper. Such a simple resource, now likened to a leprechaun’s gold

16:13 uhr. We finally found Tissues in Aldi. Hallelujah . I had already started tinkering with the idea of washing my butt crack every time I take a number 2.

Thank God there is still an ounce of civilisation left

Samstag den 21.03.2020

The Government’s new rule is in full effect.. No one can visit the gyms either, not that it bothers me. I hate GOING to gyms, but I love gyms anyways I’ve settled into home workouts for a while down

I spent the afternoon watching movies and thinking up creative contents to make. Had a couple of eureka moments. Tomorrow I’ll be making a video

Sonntag, den 22.03.2020

This Isolation thing is not as bad. Of course there are a couple of events I would have like to go to that got cancelled and every time someone sneezes, heads turn but I can live with that.

It’s a peaceful day, perfect for a video.

Montag, den 23. 03. 2020. 18:25 uhr

From the Windowsill I can see the sun slowly setting and an warm orange light buttering the forest outside. I can imagine that it’s beautiful but it’s too cold to step out.

For some people, this is a much needed rest to bond with family and just do nothing

I called Vodaphone regarding my internet, I’m shocked at how fast their customer’s service is now that they work from home.

I might hike into the forest and meditate next to the stream if I get over my laziness


The Corona time is obviously limiting. I would have liked to travel to Hungary this week, however I can’t. A Job Interview I went for has kept me on suspense because of the “the corona-sisch” at the hospital. I had to move on since I can’t wait for whenever this will be over.And just like this orange skies, there is an opportunity there we can reflect during this time rather than let the media control our emotions.

Stay blessed and Indoors

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