Flower Child

Dear Flower child, Wouldn’t you be umbraged, if the ground swallowed you whole and ransom you for clay? —asked mother earth

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You hear my voice only through the Psithurism of these pages My name is but an echo that resonates in your vital heart once at mid day. Grief is a lonely space that wreathes me with an all too familiar scent This realm of solitude bathes my skin with the milk of despair listen to […]

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Dear Vanity, What a scruffy slutty one you are you have succumbed mighty men with your armoured weapon and ensnared kingdoms of Emperors in your grip you rave for enmity and war your reign stretches beyond mere eyes can see with your succubus sisters, Sex and Power you dominate and ruin the earth to rubbles […]

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A generation lost in space

the generation lost in space

I once met a man His silver hair made love to the scanty black a nose like a nobleman weary eyes lumbering the earth with wary smile he double clicked an apparatus with shaky hands reminiscing on a time he wore a younger man’s face He spoke a forgotten tongue yet familiar tone He came […]

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Sensational eyes

sensational eyes

Haiku I tell you this fact These eyes are sensational They just can’t see far

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Cigarette lingers delivering a smoky kiss to her thorax Like the winter’s sun mystery shadows on alpine innocence will fade. He’d sit next to her Like the gypsy’s rendition, she’d become younger. His voice is her salt caramel mixed with charm hopeful till the end She is an Iglo His heart now her vortex lonely […]

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A look through 2018

The hand of the clock ticks. tocks. ticks At the beginning of the year, like a good number of us, there were nuggings of uncertainty pecking at every corner , but as days progressed into weeks and weeks into months, I began to ease into the year like a temptress breaking in a new pair […]

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Watch.Wait, and See

watch, wait and see

Oh dear, can you smell that? Yes it smells of shell and burnt clay… but there is something else lingering here. It’s intense and fast approaching. Today has been an irregular one in that I rarely change a post abruptly, in fact I slept at 3 am, because I was editing the post I was […]

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Dear no one

dear no one

Dear no one in particular, Be brave love Swords will rage and sky may fall But always remember, Do not fight resistant, Embrace it. Trust the Earth She is your sustenance

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Happy 1st

happy first

No one lives forever. Imminently our life essence escapes like a fleeting wisp of air with no warning, or justification.My beloved Aunty Stella was too beautiful for this world. We had our own Christmas tradition On 26th December I would call and wish her a happy birthday, she’d ask me about school (she passed away […]

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