Hi, I’m a Doctor

Although I prefer the term Healer, I’m excited, but freaking out, tho all the struggles, disappointments, and mini-successes has prepared me for this particular reward. Responsibility. .. I officially became a paediatrician on Wednesday. Not internship, but a full-time physician with full time responsibilities. Yet I have a confession to make. Two years ago when … More Hi, I’m a Doctor

That Night

Confessions of a Motown Lover The first night we met I was drunk on Jagermeister and passion. My palms were sweaty, my breath was heavy. my voice was lusty. Many-a-time I tugged on his ripped jeans, threatening to leave it more ripped than jeans. We talked, enjoyed cocktail hour and made flirtatious glances and remarks. … More That Night

Disingenuous AI

The AI said to the scientist You adore my circuitry and anomalies I can only pretend to imagine your emotions But you fear the twinkle of disingenuity in my eye For you know I am of higher intelligence than you And one day your nuclear missiles will be useless against I, your beloved creation.

Helium – A Poem

We were lovers in an era that ceased to exist and faded to biege we were pre-teen, sulky, easily amused, not worth a worker’s wage within restrains of our inner mind Diameters of our outer psyche We had floated up, weightlessly, balloons in every colour palette Your rosé lips pressed against my chin. As I … More Helium – A Poem

Women’s Day

Intention: I want to use this opportunity to connect with, and send a positive thought to every woman, girl on the face of the earth. I would not be over-exaggerating if I point out that women have never had it easy. Beginning with Eve’s encounter with the snake, we’ve been tormented at every turning point … More Women’s Day

Inspire & Empower #motivationalmonday

Wherever you are Aspire to evolve and transform swell in the resplendent beauty that is your soul Disparage thy weakness Admonish thine past Enlighten others in occasions That breeds peace Spiral with innovative spirit Above all Inspire and Empower. Daily Addictions prompt is occassion. Fandango prompt is swollen Ragtag prompt is spiral. Word of the … More Inspire & Empower #motivationalmonday