The Chase

  4/6/2018 Dawns break between Viola Blv. and Kamilla Coming into full view The miracles of new week sprouts. One final stride I convince myself Quicken each step or risk getting run over Fleeting heels strike the dust Hastening pulse     7-6-2018 Run. sweat dons my brow Adrenaline overdrive on steroids the wind softens … Continue reading The Chase


There is a dilapidating dark  place Once occupied by wonder, and  meadows Rainbows, and childish exuberance. Now a foul stench seethes through the vents.   An inferno ravished by, leaving behind rusty embers where a playground used to be. Despair is borne of a fairytale.   A creature roams through the wreckage. It blooms, unrestrained. Unencumbered. It … Continue reading Embers