A Family of 6

I asked how they were called,

but they didn’t have a name

and when I visited them,

there was nothing interesting about them

I was infrequent,

but still they knew my name

they’d study the word together within a frame

and amuse each other afterwards

They said, God is love, so I believed

and hung my cares upon his cross

Each time I wanted to bury the faith

like the Grinch before Christmas miracle

but instead their company did warm my heart

I became part of a family without prejudice

a family saner than blood

A bond stronger than pride

Each weekend, we’d hold hands

Sing aloud the music of heaven

just the 6 of us, and I’m the least.

A bunch of students with nothing but their voices.

Sometimes we were more

other times just one would show

still one thing was sure

There is a pull in our hearts that just won’t let go

Year in, Year out.

I hope for the big secret to be revealed

48 hours to the end of 2019

and I’m still hoping with a gladdened heart

Angels sing with soft glorious voices

I’m impaled by the love of Jesus

I jubilate when I remember that

He can be confident for the six of us

He has seen us through in times of drought

Though stagnant floods may throw us into a folly

yet we labor to hear his calling on our lives

we breath into his double blessings

Will 2020 be the year he ropes us in?

show us the pastel he painted eons ago?

maybe not, but our mouths will never run out of testimonies

and I pray yours will never too.

Happy 2020 to you and yours.


My first weeks in Austria. Although Austria is quite close to Hungary, about  4 hours drive, I’ve only visited the place in my dreams. 16 days ago,  I unplastered myself entirely from one country to the other in search of…. well I really don’t know yet.

My blindsight, as I’ve realised, is that I tend to forget to stop and smell the blooming roses. Last year, while I was squirming over my finals, regret settled on me like a morning fog. Turns out I never once patted my back for making it thus far. This attitude is what I aim to change .

God has indeed been wonderful, even in my  inconsistency. It took months of preparation, prayers, and learning Deutsch to get here and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the outlook on things. I’m learning to cherish the process, no matter how slow.

The last time I resided in a country, as opposed to touring it, I learnt a lot about who I am, and now Graz presents another stepping marble stone  to experience myself in a new  culture.

Since this is my first update since the beginning of the new year, I really want to thank my fellow bloggers and readers for the support. We ended 2018 together and practically walked  arm in arm into January.

The biggest lesson 2018 taught me is on  friendship, and bonds.  A random instagram video I watched back in December went.  “2018 is the year God revealed the true motives of people in your life”.  Fortunately and unfortunately, people I cared for, either packed up and abandoned ship or grew closer to my ever troubling waters.

Now I know that it doesn’t matter how long friendship is, what will be, will be. Stay tuned and  stay warm. Love, Idara.

A look through 2018

The hand of the clock ticks. tocks. ticks

At the beginning of the year, like a good number of us, there were nuggings of uncertainty pecking at every corner , but as days progressed into weeks and weeks into months, I began to ease into the year like a temptress breaking in a new pair of stilettos.

I wanted to start projects, without confining myself to the impossible standards of resolutions. I didn’t want to just scale through, enduring was an option, just not mine. Still, I had no prior prep courses, no handy machineries to be able to manoeuvre 2018 without skiddng through muddy ponds.

I however do have one thing, a video camera with which I was able to capture the galore of contagiously unforgettable moments.

One of such moments was in April when we got meine Süßigkeiten, Aka Gandalf. Boy, have I learnt a lot about persistence and patience from this vengeful, stubborn wabbit. Here’s a video when he was 5 months, frolicking in the garden. I’ve decided to name this, the Adventures of Gandalf the wise . Click the play button.

it’s everything but boring, right?

Then came a day, I with all my idealism thought it was time for all the residents of our cozy district to meet and greet. Well, things escalated farther than I hoped for when Rudolph, the dachshund set his weary eyes on the young blood.

But enough about the bunny, In the summer, we visited my Fiance’s relatives in Gyula, a small city In Hungary, close to the eastern Border of Romania. Reka their especially talented and diverse daughter invited me to her Zumba class, I did more than applaud her.

Reka is the little cutie to my left

Her brother, Levente whose mood is frequently unpredictable ( I can never tell if we’re on good terms) serenaded me with a traditional folk song, of a beautiful maiden. I guess we couldn’t be better.

Levente with his rock star dad.

And my extremely cut for time take on Childish Gambino’s “This is America,” Hungary version. Click play to watch.

As it seems, I didn’t merely duck and hide, like I thought I would, whether I was prepared for the segwaying uncertainties, Jesus showed me that I only needed to be certain of his love. I hopped on grace, and it brought me here today.

This is my best moment in 2019.

Alas the cold and my fear of water kicked in

And that fellow bloggers and loyal readers is the how I chose to end this year. Thank you for all the love to memoirsofalexander.com and I. Comment below if you had favourite moments in 2018 today.

It’s eight hours till jan. 1. 2019, but it’s still not too early to say Happy New Year! Frohes neues Jahr! With love from Budapest.

Let the fireworks begin.

Watch.Wait, and See

Oh dear, can you smell that? Yes it smells of shell and burnt clay…

but there is something else lingering here. It’s intense and fast approaching.

Today has been an irregular one in that I rarely change a post abruptly, in fact I slept at 3 am, because I was editing the post I was supposed to publish.

But someone, somewhere needs to realise that they have not been forgotten sooner than later.

Change is in the air

I am especially excited today. Saturdays are my hair days which is usually boring and tortuous. Albeit today has been the most joyous hair day I ever had. why?

I smell the showers of change sweeping us into 2019, good change.

But wait, there’s more…. that change doesn’t start in 2019, It’s already here. Can you believe it?

But how can change occur without perseverance? how can one reap the subtle exotic juicy fruit of the changing wind that 2019 is down pouring on us?

Stay Consistent

Let this word be inscribed on your forehead and heart. Whatever you are working through in your family, relationships, work place, just as you consistently breath, use each expiration to bring into fruition the blessings awaiting you.

Before 2019 ends, allow yourself to come face to face with the facet of your life that is hidden, and you may even be motivated despite temptations to start the process of abstracting shame with acts of love and kindness. Still we must be consistent with those acts of kindness in order to reap success and blessings.

Don’t Quit !

What are you doing different, or continuing, to impact yourself and the life of others around you?

Do you feel like no one is noticing, or no one is listening?

Don’t quit! Let God’s promises cradle you and your beautiful gifts and return back all you have given with interest.

He has already done it. just remember that the glory is not yours to hoard.

Persevere beautiful people. Watch, wait and see God bless you!