Blood Moon.


Is it here? My face twisted as though a drop of sour lime was diffusing sporadically through my tongue.

Is it really here? Some say the full moon comes with a rejuvenating energy, they say it’s a time for restoration, others say it purges the soul of evil and purifies it with light.But whose to say which is light, and which is dark? Whose to say that darkness isn’t pure; and whose to say that beneath the light, evil isn’t stalking around in plain sight.


As darkness floods the environ this night, the mysticism of the moon becomes vigorously charged.My consciousness is altered as I delve into self-awareness.A bird perches on a wire as I look onwards…beyond the affirmations of the mortal body to the realization that this round silver “astronomical body” is in linear alignment with the sun and earth.                    Yes, It is here.                                                                                                                                                      Stargazers are in for an even bigger treat as Jupiter is in close proximity of the moon tonight.So what exactly is the significance of this phenomenon? As it turns out, this moon has been associated with the blossoming of spring earliest flowers, wild ground phlox.Hence, it’s called the pink moon among others.So maybe the full moon signifies new beginnings. A time of powerful healing, A time for hope….

That night, beneath the full moon, He brought me to the oasis and placed me in the pond.My dark hair turned white, I opened my eyes and began to cry…and they knew I would live— Princess Yue in The siege of the north part 2, Avatar: the last Airbender.

This phenomenon has been called many names including the strawberry moon, harvest moon, oak moon, milk moon, hay moon, old moon and now because seeing is believing, pink moon.However, because of an inspired yet oddly ghoulish episode of Avatar which in summary relayed wisdom about harnessing the energy of the full moon to the best of one’s potential.Hence, Blood moon.

The relationship of the moon and the ocean is yet another fascinating paradox.It goes without saying that they signify not just healing but emotional awareness and intuitiveness.


Tui and La, Your moon and ocean have always circled each other in eternal dance.They balance each other…Push and Pull…Life and Death…Good and Evil. Yin and yang.— Koh in the siege of the north part 2, Avatar: the last Airbender

So when you submerge your head against your pillow this evening.close your eyes, and meditate a little on how the moon deliberately influences your life by creating a balance. Think about how much of your life is being influenced by emotions.As electromagnetic frequencies vibrate along your middle ear and spreads through your entire being, What you feel is, the time to plant your seed, the time to get the big chop, time to go for the casting auditions, the time to begin that exercise regimen, the time to travel and explore a new dimensions, the time to admit your vulnerability….Is now.

If you’re a scholar, you especially need to take advantage of the vibes the current cosmic alignment is oozing.

Symbolically, the blood moon deals with revelation—of oneself, of others, and of previously covert scenarios.Even some species of wolf, forsake their location to the Energy of the moon. Therefore, the buzz is not just for the sake of it, so unwind as the blood moon unleashes it’s full effect.