Happy 1st

happy first

No one lives forever. Imminently our life essence escapes like a fleeting wisp of air with no warning, or justification.My beloved Aunty Stella was too beautiful for this world. We had our own Christmas tradition On 26th December I would call and wish her a happy birthday, she’d ask me about school (she passed away […]

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Every year is the same. when my birthday is looming, I become sad. On my birthday, I start off trying to process my new age, tell myself I will not celebrate it, three hour before midnight, I send an urgent text to my friends to come through and chill. The reason for that is  growing […]

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The Girl Behind Alexander

Life is a journey and twenty-four years today, I started mine. Coincidentally, Memoirs of Alexander began one year ago, today. What are the odds, right?   Lol. I stun, I’m a stunner. But seriously, being twenty-three came with such unexpected growth and awareness, both personally and in social settings. I was and perhaps am still the […]

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