Alone and Lonely

I’ve straddled both fences, balancing both at the same time but to be lonely is a feeling comparable to a comet that shoots far into the vast galaxy, where there are no neon stars to guide him back. It is the tendrils of a leaf that a caterpillar nibbles, not knowing that they already withered, … More Alone and Lonely

Hi, I’m a Doctor

Although I prefer the term Healer, I’m excited, but freaking out, tho all the struggles, disappointments, and mini-successes has prepared me for this particular reward. Responsibility. .. I officially became a paediatrician on Wednesday. Not internship, but a full-time physician with full time responsibilities. Yet I have a confession to make. Two years ago when … More Hi, I’m a Doctor

Helium – A Poem

We were lovers in an era that ceased to exist and faded to biege we were pre-teen, sulky, easily amused, not worth a worker’s wage within restrains of our inner mind Diameters of our outer psyche We had floated up, weightlessly, balloons in every colour palette Your rosé lips pressed against my chin. As I … More Helium – A Poem