Black realness meets pop culture

black realness meets pop culture

I’m still gagging. *Warning: this post is slightly ethnic heavy* To usher us into a new era of super fierce black realness, Solange released her new Album with her single “Almeda”. Here’s my 2 cents; Hello 911, what’s your emerg—? mumbles You say he’s suffering from persistent convulsions? Give that man a bolus of melanin […]

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The Test

the test

After my well articulated post of taking it easy and letting life happen few weeks ago, I went ahead and did something absolutely rash last week. I signed up for the language test. the registration for the exam is not a big deal, I mean normally people register for an exam they want to take […]

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God’s plan

God's plan

Everyday starts out the same—a longing yawn that spurs our entire organs to wakening. However they end differently. Sometimes different is good, other times it’s bad different. The high priestess draws are unpredictable Sometimes we wake up with a single goal in mind like, find food, the next minute a dentist is sawing off your […]

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Remembrance day

Patriotic Nigerian, we hold in our finite hands the fate of the future. Later generations will hold tomorrow in the same regard as the Biafra war they will remember their father and mother’s decision their uncles and aunties reaction it is not a question of who is the smarter candidate or who makes the most […]

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The Getaway

I’m filling up the tank, Amadeus let me drive into mid-summer’s sunset wave good-bye to the road we built together leave behind the haunted part of myself and the people who whose faces I swore I’d always recognise I’m gonna drive past the seven mountains each representing an era of intrepid defeat followed by respite […]

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The Rain dance

the rain

You are the stranger I envisioned in my dream what with that quaint looks and pale face we never know how the cards may turn I’ll be at our usual place playing our usual song waiting for the haunting grip of reality even if the sky rains with burning embers I will wait for you […]

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Seasoning with secrets

There is a something circulating downtown The Turtledove sang a cinquain into the eagle’s ear before the dawn, look up to the sky and see the moon kiss the ocean while the stars watch But you see that’s not much a secret the moon and Ocean french every night But when you stand out in […]

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Dear Vanity, What a scruffy slutty one you are you have succumbed mighty men with your armoured weapon and ensnared kingdoms of Emperors in your grip you rave for enmity and war your reign stretches beyond mere eyes can see with your succubus sisters, Sex and Power you dominate and ruin the earth to rubbles […]

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Pure love and Poetry

Love. Love sweet as a honeypot Love that entices and wounds me in it’s grip Pure love that oxidises, only getting darker, gentler, more poetic as it vibrates in a frequency above all energies Resonating like minds together, I mean twin souls like twin souls I’m designed to resonate with you Feel what you feel […]

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Sailin’ to forever

The river waxed and waned inviting us further into it’s intoxicating lush blues which melded with the yellow sun lending us it’s vibrant royal glow beside me was him,  and he glowed also I was captured like a sailor to a siren Because the precedented fear I had was absolved And I was free Free to bask […]

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