A gale  blew past us

As we took a walk through the botanical garden

Nestling a love song on October’s leaves


Flying golden leaves, free falling

Wilting willow branches’ calling

Like a rising phoenix, more or less


Screaming school kids, Haunted playgrounds

Apple bobbing and Candy apples

Nesting a love song on October’s leaves


See the the crisp browning of dragon’s breath

Shadowing the mixed scent of pumpkin and poetry

Like a rising phoenix, more or less


The simmering embers make a comeback

Diluting Summer’s exotic air

Nestling a love song on October’s leaves


A cup of tea like communion wine on every lip

Merrymaking cradles on every hip

Like a rising phoenix, more or less


A picturesque view we’ve come to adore

lures us to a scintillating shore at four

Nestling a love song on October’s leaves


Like a Phoenix wing, more or less

We know neither a steady beginning or a quick trip

If venom drips off a ghoulish organ,

Let’s join to sing October’s songs forever more


Image source: Twitter


The Chase



Dawns break between Viola Blv. and Kamilla

Coming into full view

The miracles of new week sprouts.

One final stride I convince myself

Quicken each step or risk getting run over

Fleeting heels strike the dust

Hastening pulse





sweat dons my brow

Adrenaline overdrive on steroids

the wind softens my chin

The air is quiet

Too quiet.





Wilding Littering street lights

Traps of resentment in every corner

Something good must happen

Even now




The Hunger Games have begun

Confronted by the roar of past warriors

Restrained by shackles heavier than dumbbells

Even the tiniest of ants challenges my stamina

Endorphin overflow




God’s grace surely comes through

exceeding expectations

Defeating limitations

Blessed be his name





Pulse weakens to tempo

everything comes to a halt

Leave it all at the end of the road



I survived.

Yet the relic aphorism holds true

The catch is seemingly mundane

Compared to the chase.



We don’t have to brave a fight to heal

Tomorrow is a new day

but today is war

we bear the heat of uncompromising terror,

press play on life

set actions into motion

our lovers become foes

Happiness is subjective

balance is trivialized

Darkness leads to a fathomless abyss of  bliss,

or disillusion

Man in his feral state concludes;

Content is happiness.


Scary isn’t it?


The unforgiving nights,

when fog rises up the hill

Our faces, whitewashed

marred by the satirical tides we are yet to discover

but must confide in.

Hence, we sip nectars of laudanum

through straws of addiction

the urn feeds attachments

we hope will never run out



we’re seated in a row

unchaste in our demeanor

half boisterous; half nonchalant

on the bus to what is an unknown change;

or to change the unknown

a sign that reads,”divergent only.”

on its bumper

Our mutual feelings, unresolved


When there’s no easier way of letting go

because the truth is only worth denying once.