Happy 1st

happy first

No one lives forever. Imminently our life essence escapes like a fleeting wisp of air with no warning, or justification.My beloved Aunty Stella was too beautiful for this world. We had our own Christmas tradition On 26th December I would call and wish her a happy birthday, she’d ask me about school (she passed away […]

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The Inn-keeper

The inn-keeper

Fellow Bloggers and beloved readers, I want to wish you all a merry Christmas and briefly thank you for what an awesome year this turned out to be. While the story that I am inspired to post is not your traditional magical Christmas story, I hope you’ll enjoy it still. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll explain why. […]

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The Christmas Magic

the Christmas magic

Sitting beside a warm furnace, trying to figure out what to write today. This is a tad out of my comfort zone as I didn’t grow up with holiday cheer and presents. And so for the past few days, I have been binging on movies as a desperate attempt to catch a whiff of the […]

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The House Dragon

  Twas the night before Christmas Throughout the city, not a creature was stirring All was still and quaint well, except at Emily’s house. Emily was my neighbor, I know not how true her tale is, but she swears it unfolded right before her.   Yesterday, Emily was cycling on the open road, Yesterday, She […]

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