Inspire & Empower #motivationalmonday

Wherever you are Aspire to evolve and transform swell in the resplendent beauty that is your soul Disparage thy weakness Admonish thine past Enlighten others in occasions That breeds peace Spiral with innovative spirit Above all Inspire and Empower. Daily Addictions prompt is occassion. Fandango prompt is swollen Ragtag prompt is spiral. Word of the … More Inspire & Empower #motivationalmonday

Son of Pisces

Eons prior to your creation, the sun charted the heaven; Son of Pisces Neptune unravels its secrets,  invisible no longer Like aquamarine; your eyes glisten, mirroring your soul.   Frivolous, yet compassionate. You love  like a martyr Prideful, like the Braveheart. Yours is a torn, pervicacious spirit Ardent, like the scorpion, revering in  the illusion of life, … More Son of Pisces