Emerald city

Mirror mirror,

What if I was a stranger in Emerald city, ten white horses galloping in front of me, leading the way to the King’s quadrangle, where I bow to her royal highness. I’d serenade her and spill some tea….perhaps even all of it.

It would be nice to live and let loose, not a strand of my hair would tangle and shed, and even if it does, who cares? Drink baileys for breakfast, two glasses of wine before lunch time. All the while smizing for the royal painter to capture my marvellous essence.

Nothing would cease and end. There would always be transfiguration, so my light would be bright enough to generate into the soft glow of the moon in this place where my lady-likeness sprouts

If only time would stand still, even for a minute or five to let me goof around in a infinite courtyard. Wouldn’t life be all the merrier, without ogles of responsibilities breaking down the walls to drag me away.

But a little bit of me will remain regardless in Emerald city, to kiss the King’s temple and frolic in the banquet halls. To cradle the town folks dreams with my severely lacking etiquettes.

In the still night, the owl’s hoot with echo a lullaby. And if the wind is willing, It would circulate warm safari sand to every doorstep and check in with every heart beat until I can find my way back home to them.

photo cred: Marina Girgis on instagram